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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-31
Well, who doesn't like a beautiful chandelier in their restaurant on a fancy dining table?Everyone likes beautiful chandeliers.But how do we make sure the chandelier is right.It is not so large or so small or trivial in design that it is not noticed.
Chandeliers online or in stores are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.You have to choose not only the shape and size, but also the material and type of light.Let's take a look at all the factors involved in the chandelier selection.
Size and shape are the most important aspects when choosing a chandelier.It needs to have the right size compared to the size of your room, and more importantly, it needs to have the size of the table.A good choice is that when you choose a chandelier, it's half the size of your table, or one --Your third table is no more than this one.
If it exceeds that then it will drown the room and kill your visual space.When we talk about size, we also have to consider how low the size is hanging from the surface of the table.The minimum distance you have to keep is about 36-Above the desktop 40 inch.
It can be more than that, but not less.
The chandelier is traditionally made of glass only.However, you have a lot of choices today.If you're looking for a luxury feel, choose a glass chandelier.The metal chandelier also looks great.However, unlike glass and PVC, the metal chandelier does not have a good gel effect on all interiors.
So, be sure to give it a try if the metal fits your decor.For more budgetFriendly choice, you can choose the PVC chandelier with a variety of styles and design options.Now that we have decided on the location and size of the chandelier, we are starting to use the lighting of the chandelier.
You can buy chandeliers at the store where you choose them, or you can buy them online.Lighting is a vital part because you want the lighting settings to stay in sync with your furniture and soft furniture.It won't be too loud if all your settings are pastel.
You can use warm yellow or frosted glass light to get more environmental settings, reducing the overall intensity.You can also sync the chandelier online with the season.In winter, you can go to the warm lighting environment, while in autumn, you can try the darker shades of beige.
Again, it depends on the production of your chandelier.There are various chandeliers on the Internet, such as glass, crystal, Chrome, etc.Consider all the factors and choose which one to get you excited!.
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