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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-14
The world is looking forward to the arrival of Jordanian airlines in 1985.There is a story that Jordan Airlines has been crazy about starting to fall in love with the people who are obsessed with it and has been going on for 20 years.During the three spring and autumn periods, the white, red and black game shoes came into people's sight.Walk through the rockpark to the treeFrom Hollywood to Wall Street, from the United States to the world, Jordan Airlines is known as a "sports shoe collector" by sports shoe enthusiasts ".Twenty years have passed.Three years, called "all-"The great man of the times of basketball shoes" was published by the Jordan brand, which made Jordan XX3 once again the focus of attention around the world.The Jordan series, in numerous historical exhibitions, shows the immature brightness of the series accompanied by fans.AIR Jordan XX3 shoe pattern with luxury chandelier booth display AIR Jordan 1-XX2.An outstretched structure placed the brightest star of the night, the Jordan air xx3.These two magnificent and beautiful pavilions combine the patterns of light and shadow, which is particularly sacred and luxurious.Hand-The painting design presentation takes a step towards presenting innovative and environmental design to all visitors.AIR Jordan XX3 once again wrote a historical imprint on AIR Jordan's family lineage.Is a summary of past precipitation;It is also the cornerstone of the future monument, which will provide hope and expectation for the next chapter.From February 23-4 to 18, Nike 706 space will sincerely experience 20-This historical story.The purpose is to support the brilliant life of another era, influence the mind of another era, and carve legends in people's minds.Jordan will always play the role of basketball hero in our hearts.This is the first running shoe designed by Bill Bowman, which also impressed his design genius.The concept of running shoes of this design soon became the industry standard.Its name changed four times in two years.This is about the legitimacy of the name of the running shoe to win or die.Fans of sports shoes and friends of running think Nike Cortes is a famous classic running shoe.It uses a common name, "TG-And began his extraordinary career.On June 1965, Bowman sent instructions and samples of Cortez sneakers to Netsuke.This sports shoe is TG-Month (off-road vehicle), TG-21 \'s components of the same type.The components of this running shoe can be said to be soft rubber sponge on TG-22 heel, sole \ 'hard sponge and the front foot position and head piece of the hard rubber sponge in the TG-middle part21.Bowman needed to add a number of reform sites in September.For example, rubber and TG-used for soles-21 and TG-23 used.
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