living room light fixtures how to style your room like a celebrity? -

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-24
Do you dream of living like a celebrity?Rest in the living room like Cameron Diaz?Or is it a bit like Kourtney Kardashian while drinking wine while carefully checking the luxurious paintings on the wall of the living room?Well you can!Some of the most popular celebrities have opened their homes so that ordinary people can see some of the most fashionable celebrity living room ideas.Celebrities have the best help in the world and can afford the most luxurious decoration to illuminate the living room.But with a little creativity and a lot of wisdom, you can live like celebrities by copying their living room ideas.There are some celebrities here, and there are beautiful and comfortable living rooms.Something about Cameron DiazThe about Mary actress keeps her living room walls neutral and light brown.Most furniture is also neutral.Beige sofas come with beige light fixtures, Brown chairs, black stools and marble central tables.But Diaz decorated the room with a yellow leather chair.Add a little charm, Diaz also hung up mulano-Glass chandelier on the ceiling.Sarah Jessica Parker has some great ideas for quaint space, Sex and City actress Sarah Jessica Parker.She kept the walls white and gave the illusion that space was bigger than it was.There are very few decorations on the wall, just a simple and monotonous painting.If you think the walls are dull, Parker certainly knows how to enliven the living room with a dark brown sofa with a green pillow.There are also dark brown rattan chairs and light brown rocking chairs.She kept all the furniture and fixtures in rustic colors.The oldest Kourtney KardashianThe of the Kardashian sisters is called a stylish neutral design in her living room.She gave a detailed introduction to the style of her living room design on the websitenot comfort.Her living room is dominated by black, white and gray.It has huge sofas and chairs and a large central table.There is a big piano next to the chic fireplace.There are two huge windows with great views of nature from the outside.Sophia Bush is a celebrity who is not afraid of color.Her Wall was dark but she hung an arrowMore shapeA candle holder that lights up a small space.The sofa is cream.But the color of the pillow is different and the sound is very loud.The smallest decoration includes a pile of books that leave color to spaces of different colors.There are flowers in the living room of John MayerWomen, but the typical Bachelor John Mayer has plants.His living room is very comfortable and tidy: white walls, neutral chairs and a black center table.There is a simple artwork on the wall with a white light next to it.Of course, the living room is also equipped with a guitar, which is the woman version of Mayer.Five celebrities of different personalitiesThese should be enough to give your own space beautiful living room design.
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