living room light fixtures DIY Bedroom Makeover: Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-30

The bedroom can be the simplest room in the home, so DIY bedroom makeup is very popular.No plumbing to worry about, no cabinets, even furniture is cheap compared to the living room or even the dining room.We will only look for cheap face changes here, which limits the possibility.Unless you can find something at a yard sale or Craigslist, a new bedroom is usually not considered.Despite this, there are still many possibilities, the main of which is the idea of the "theme" room;Bedroom decorated around a specific theme.For example, the photo above is a bedroom designed around the theme of the African wildlife park (there are other photos below), providing interesting accommodation for visiting guests.The most obvious first option is the new paint coating;This is the cheapest thing possible and something that can completely change the look of the bedroom.Most people prefer light colors for the bedroom, but don't limit yourself too far here.Emphasizing the wall can add a lot to the appearance;A wall drawn with free colors or different shades of the same basic color.For example, a soft green room may have a wall painted in maroon or a darker green.The decoration (substrate, window and door styling) may be the same;Either apply a darker color or a free color.The ceiling is usually white, but it is also very popular..Most homeowners can do a simple task easily, but this in turn changes the look of the room.While few decorators would recommend using ceiling fans, it is also very nice in the bedroom to provide a breeze on a hot summer night.There are thousands of possible options for simple light fixtures or ceiling fans, and there must be something that will stir your interest.This is controlled by the remote control, which means that you can turn the lights on and off from the bed, which is a good add-on for the elderly or the disabled.The cover plate of the light switch and socket also has a variety of designs.Wood, Wood of different colors or shapes, and stainless steel are usually available.Failure of different types;It's easy to change both.You may consider the new floor if it is within budget.Most of the bedrooms are not big, and the price of new carpets is not too expensive.;The designed hardwood floors are not difficult to install and are quite cheap.New curtains and/or bed covers are another good option when decorating the bedroom.Since the bed is the main furniture in the bedroom, the new sheets can change the look of the whole room, as can the window handling.New wall pictures or paintings may be in order.Few people are interested in hanging a $10,000 painting on the bedroom wall, where few people see it;The picture of the bedroom does not need to be too expensive.Try to match the painting in some way;It could be Thomas kinkai's printmaking collection or a set of forest scenes.Photos of Victorian towns or families.Winter scenes.Things that tie them together..These are not expensive, can cover the entire wall with one scene and are very realistic.A poor lady took a picture of her child by the sea, but she did not remember doing so;It was filmed in front of a mural in the basement.We mentioned the theme room.Ocean or ocean theme.Decorations from the sea;Glass fishing balls, fishing nets on walls, shells, whimsical stuffed fish, paintings of ocean scenes, colors of blue, green and sand, coconut trees painted on one wall.Victoria theme.Victorian bedding, window handling with transparency and lace, Victorian bedside table with lights.Forest theme.Painted in brown and green wood colors, many plants are real or plastic, paintings of forest scenes or animals, ceiling fans with bamboo slices, wall paper murals with forest scenes.Western theme.Color of sand, pictures of adobe buildings or national parks, old dry skulls on shelves, cactus plants.Travel theme.The Eiffel Tower on the dresser, pictures of foreign cities or attractions, world maps, roads painted around the walls that lead to different scenes.It can be fun to transform the child's bedroom because the possibilities are endless.Involve the child as much as possible (let them pick the color under slightly gentle guidance) and match the room with the child.Try to think about it in advance;The child's bedroom always needs storage, which is a good time to provide some space.Clothing hooks, small toy containers, school workplaces or places where the latest art works are displayed --Each child needs storage in his or her room.This is an area where paint doesn't need to sit behind anything --Let your imagination (and the imagination of your child) roam freely!An unforgettable bedroom was painted with a light yellow color, but dad dipped a little child's foot with bright blue paint, and with the help of dad, the child walked up the wall and through the ceiling, across the wall.A few years later, any visitor was full of drugs on that bedroom and was very happy to show the footprints.The bright color is the name of the game here, because children usually like them.You should not limit the paint either;Can paint the old dresser and give a new life.A parent painted a 30-year-old dresser with white and metal blue car paint in a beautiful bedroom renovation.When it comes to the idea of decorating a child's bedroom, there is no limit.Cars theme.For a little boy, there are pictures of cars on the wall, Matchbox cars or model cars on the shelf, and a "visible engine" on the dresser ".Princess theme.;This only requires a wooden frame hanging from the ceiling with pure "curtains" hanging on it ".Or simply post on the head and foot pedal and also have a frame on the top.A pure curtain, perhaps a wall covered with fabric.There are murals inside the castle.Sports theme.There are pictures and big stickers for sports equipment on the wall and football or football on the dresser.Lockers with shelves instead of vanity.A hockey stick hangs on the wall.Space theme.A mural with a space scene.The ceiling is painted black or dark blue, the dots of the stars, and perhaps a constellation or two..A model of a shuttle assembled by a child and seated on a dresser.Horse theme.Many little girls love horses and have built her a bedroom with the theme of horses.Horse on the wallThere is a barn on the dresser with hay, a fence and a couple of plastic horses, not a doll house.A small bundle of grass in the corner.Magic theme.Harry Potter toys and propsWand, broom, Wizard, hat.Wizard statue on the dresser, a Mandarin Book, a big pot, star sticker on the wall, a stuffed dragon.The ideas here are not particularly expensive.After all, the whole idea is cheap bedroom decoration.Of course, if your budget is a little higher, the new bedroom may be ordered, or even some basic remodel, and the walls will be added or removed.However, if not, some of these DIY bedroom remodeling ideas will hopefully inspire your own imagination and come up with something suitable for you and your family.Just don't give up too easily;Bedroom decor can be fun and it's not a lot of work (compared to kitchen remodel) that can lead to something you or your child can enjoy over the years.Have fun!
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