living room light fixtures 5 Easy Do It Yourself Projects for Living Rooms

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-30

You look at your living room and feel a little monotonous, a little cold, a little unpopular and what you really want to do about it.But you don't have $1,000 to do something about it, and this article will give you ideas and tips to help you make the most of your limited budget by using some of these 5 simple projects.Let's take a look at 5 things that will make the living room better: Artwork, sofas, curtains, furniture and lighting.So this wall looks a bit bare and you want to fill it up with something until you find the perfect family portrait or save money for that perfect commissioned art piece.There is a cheap, amazing and easy way to fill: frame fabric.It can bring the room together, the fabric and frame are relatively cheap, and the best thing is that it can be changed easily to suit your mood, feel or atmosphere.Woylexa0Make a Perfect artwork for your living room.So your dress in the room and on the couch looks worse, it's only a few years left, so it's not ready for the dump yet, but in fact it's just frustrating, so what should I do?Well, you can cover the sofa with fabricMade the slip cover and some new pillows and felt as good as the new ones.It changes the overall feel of the room, especially if the sofa is the central part of your room, just like most living rooms.If the sofa is leather, put the non-slip carpet liner on the seat cushion to prevent the cover from moving and annoy you.Now, to get this tight fit, use a wooden spoon to put the fabric into every gap you can find until it is tight and doesn't even have wrinkles.Put your newly selected pillow on the sofa and maybe match your frame fabric.Now that you have a cheap new sofa, it will completely change your room.Easy DIY project 3-lighting: Praise for perfect suspension.Does your living room look a bit monotonous? If the answer is yes, then you should turn it into a lounge and dazzle it with a new light fixture hanging overhead.The new light will make the room feel completely different, it may be subtle, it may be the center of the room, it is a personal choice.It is fast and simple, and the fixing of the suspension is also very reasonable.You don't need to be the best thing DIY God can do.4-in-Needle-Non-10-I am not an electrician and if you are not sure what you should do then it is better to call the electrician.Always ensure a power outage.Remove the old fixture by removing the nut from the fixture.On the new fittings, align the back of the canopy (the side corresponding to the ceiling) with the crossbar.Adjust the length of the pipe to about 3/8.The thread on the screw ring extends to the canopy.By fastening the lock nut on the beam, lock the threaded pipe in this position.According to the manufacturer's instructions, connecting the wires in the right way, if not, can lead to a danger of electric shock.Fold all the wires into the ceiling box and slide the canopy of the new fitting over the threaded bracket.Tighten with decorative nuts.Enjoy the warmth of the new light, and if you haven't considered adding a dimmer switch to get the most out of it, enjoy it.If, like me, you definitely don't have the ability to pin and line, but your curtains look like they are eaten and broken, then this could be your solution.This is not so much a guide as an idea.The method is very simple. find the materials you like and decorate them and hang them up.Choose bold colors using 3 X \'s curtain length.Stick them on the curtains.Cut off your favorite fabric patterns and stick them on the curtains with fabric glue, these look great.Just change the curtains to change the way the light goes into the room and boost the mood of the whole room, which is a great start.You won't regret it.So you have an old coffee table in your living room that looks a little boring or out of date, and it's time to get it active and add a little spice to your room.What do I mean.If this is a lovely wooden piece of furniture, you can polish it down, varnish it, or paint it with wood paint that suits the color of your lounge.If it is wood, sprinkle sand on the old coffee table to get a finer surface of ordinary wood.You are most likely to need two coats.Place the image in the center and stick the template to the table.If you are very artistic, then you can draw your own image into a very private table.If it is wood, sprinkle sand on the old coffee table to get a finer surface of ordinary wood.Both tables are a great addition to the living room and you will love the feeling it gives you.If you need to change to a living room, you don't need to spend a lot of money, you can make the room look completely different with just a little creativity and time.No matter what you try, good luck, be sure to let us know how I went and I'll be happy to hear that.
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