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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-25
It is easy to say that Scandinavian design tends to be aesthetically minimalist and functional.Since the beginning of the 20 th century became more popular, the design of the Nordic region has not become popular until today.In the Scandinavian style of interior design, the basic element you will usually find is the colorful interior design, which is a living room that is but very functional, due to the accessories and furniture used to decorate it, its decoration has a strong visual effect.
The sofa in the living room is spacious and luxurious with several colored pillows on it.You will usually find a guitar or piano in the room and will also increase the aesthetic appeal of the space.The traditional fireplace and chandelier make the place look royal.
The interior design and trends of Scandinavian furniture, interior design and decoration world are listed below.1.We have established a high level of functionality for interior decorators to incorporate into Scandinavian design;Therefore, the fact that most decorations will double as storage space is certainly not allowedbrainer.You can stick a basket of small boards placed on it as a seat to the mat, but if it is opened as a lid, it will act as a storage space.
From the kitchen organizer to the storage rack, if you want, you can even convert every faucet in your home into Scandinavian style.2.Looking for a minimalist and chic attraction in your bedroom, the items in the wardrobe you use every day, look beautiful and can be hung on the frame of the shelf, the idea of storage can be doubled as a decoration for your bedroom.To make it look more charming and elegant, you can add a rug to the bottom of the shelf.
Because it's all about functionality and practicality with hints of class and elegance, it would be nice to put a wooden shoe rack at your entrance, which would be nice on the painted wall at the back.The slender outline of the shoe rack fits very well with the slender passage.4.Sheepskin, wool and mohair hair are some of the key items that will bring texture to your home, keeping in mind the Scandinavian-style home decor.
Enter the shades of gray, cream and white, and stick to the natural textures like jute and linen.When picking blankets and throwing, the shades of lavender and Gray should be remembered.5.This style of home decoration contains a lot of colors that allow you to illuminate the space without losing the essence of Scandinavian style decoration.
In this case, plants will do this.
Plants bring elements of trees and dirt to the family's natural sense, and they also add a color without being too overwhelming.6.This is a small fact.Scandinavian favorite accent color defaults to bright blue and looks amazing compared to all white interiors.If you want to give your Scandinavian style home a monochrome palette, bright blue will be your first choiceColor pop music.
You don't need an interior designer solution provider to help you pick a blue accent for your home.Call you.7.Worn-A large part of the Nordic interior decoration is worn-out leather products, whether it is a leather backrest wooden chair or a leather sofa.They have the appeal of the countryside and look quaint.
This element does a good job of adding some characters to the home.8.A big taboo in Scandinavian style decoration style is the wallto-wall carpeting.A good way to emphasize the texture of the floor is to put a sheepskin carpet on the floor.
There is a feeling that no one else in your living room or bedroom will light up a huge cloud like a chandelier.It comes from Asia's interpretation of lamps and lanterns and has been greatly inspired by this culture.Hang huge lanterns on your kitchen island or table to create an overhead device that looks rather quirky.
Scandinavian wood floors are well lit and the rooms look airy and spacious.Enter the light wood floor, which will complement the Scandinavian theme you are going to decorate.This is the top 10 interior design concepts that incorporate Nordic and Nordic design and culture into your home.
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