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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-05
In a small room you can do a lot of things to create the illusion of space.Mirrors, light-colored walls, and small and uniform furniture are all advantageous techniques to make the room look bigger, but elaborate lighting is also necessary.Natural light in the room was a great start.During the day, your window is a free source of sunlight, because it is the best light you can catch, so it is important not to block the window with curtains, or other furniture.For Windows with awkward location, try to reflect the light into the room with a mirror.The room was spacious and airy with plenty of natural light.Light should always be used to replenish natural light, especially when you have small windows or use the room at night.Due to the flexibility of the color and design of the LED light, it is particularly good in small rooms.Although the orange tones of incandescent lamps can create a comfortable and intimate feeling, they can also "close" the room and make the room feel claustrophobic.The cold white led is easy to buy, and the cold white is clear and bright compared to the warm white.This light is very popular in minimalist design, and it is known to be synonymous with space.You should also consider the type of light you are using.Use a light bulb with a narrow beam angle to distort the real size of the room by creating focus and emphasizing the presence of shadows.The adjustable rail light also allows you to change the lighting direction when selecting.If the ceiling in your room is low, consider using flush or semi-flushFlush accessories such as track lighting or embedded ceiling lights.Please always check if your recessed accessories meet the fire rating.LED downlights are particularly popular as they produce very little heat, which can make the room feel depressed.You can run out too-The lighter or wall light reflects to illuminate the wall and ceiling, producing an effect called "cleaning.\ 'Remember, there are many kinds of LED lights now that can easily handle the design difficulties brought about by small rooms.Not only will you make your room look bigger, but you will also reduce lighting costs, improve household efficiency and benefit from a light bulb that lasts for years.
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