living room ceiling lights How to Decorate a Living Room That Has Cathedral Ceilings

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
living room ceiling lights How to Decorate a Living Room That Has Cathedral Ceilings
The vaulted or cathedral ceiling in the living room creates a dramatic and spacious look.However, matching furniture, accessories, lighting and decor to such a space allows you to highlight your high ceiling, which can be a challenge.When making decorative choices, consider all the factors from the color scheme to the furniture size, which will help you make the most of this unique design feature.Use wall colors to enhance or weaken the nature of the cathedral ceiling.You can open the space, paint the walls in dark colors, paint the ceiling in light contrasting colors to make the ceiling look higher.You can also reverse this technique by painting the ceiling dark and the walls light to create a more intimate living room environment.Use over-filled important furniture in the living room with cathedral ceiling.The use of small or exquisite furniture will make the living room look too big, and the furniture will be lost in the vast space.Select the oversized segmented, sturdy wooden table and extra-Large floor mat.Place furniture along the wall, open the space, or remove it from the wall to create a more intimate feeling.One of the benefits of having a cathedral ceiling is that you are free to decorate with high-altitude accessories.Consider tall floral arrangements, wrought iron cages decorated and interesting sculptures.You can also use particularly large hanging artworks such as murals, tapestries and framed print collections in the living room with cathedral ceilings.Use tall silk trees in your living room to add height and size to your living room.Large plants also fill up space while creating lush environments.If you have embedded shelves on the wall of your living room, you can decorate them with hanging plants, which will break the continuity of tall walls and provide an eye --Grab the decorative elements.The lighting techniques you use in your living room can enhance the nature of the cathedral ceiling.For attention, install embedded canned lighting on the arched ceiling, or hang impressive lamps from a solid ceilingMounted pendant.For a more intimate look, use the floor support lights and the "up lighting" pointing to the recessed corners of the living room ".
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