lights why do jews light candles on friday night?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-06
One of the most famous Jewish customs related to the celebration of Shabbat (Sabbath) is to light oil lamps or candles before starting.One of the most famous Jewish customs associated with the Sabbath celebration is to light the lights or candles before sunset on Friday night.This practice is often considered to be initiated by the Pharisees, a Jewish faction in the later part of the Second Temple.This practice is ancient, and according to Joseph, a 1-century Jewish historian, its popularity is even in the non-Jewish community.Today, burning a special light or candle on the eve of the Sabbath is considered a religious responsibility.The early Tannaim (the first generation of rabbis in the mishnaqi and Talmud periods) thought it was a good thingThere are so many practices that their discussion often involves small details related to it, and sch is the type of Wick or oil that is allowed to be used, not its source.Although the Hebrew Bible does not explicitly indicate the lamp of the Sabbath, it does prohibit the lighting of the lamp on the Sabbath.Therefore, the inference is to provide light before the start of the Sabbath.Whether the lighting of the Sabbath lights by other rabbis is an obligation or a mitzvah (Commandment) holds a different view.Although this is mandatory for men and women, it is even more unshirkable for women in the house.If no woman lives in the house, or she is not, the man in the house is obliged, according to the Talmud known as shuershang aluci.The bracha (blessing) said when the Sabbath candle was lit is: "Blessed are yourd.Who sanctified us with your commandments, and commanded us to light the lamp of the Sabbath day.In some Jewish communities, women also pray for the health and prosperity of their families.The lighting of the Sabbath lights is considered an obligation that must be discharged before dark.Some rabbis asked for at least two lights or candles to be lit.The reason for this is the desire to express the command in Exodus 20 on "zachor" (remember ).Other Commandments "Samer" were found in "Deuteronomy" (observation ).The Sabbath dinner can only be eaten where the lights or candles burn.With regard to the material of the Wick, the type of Jewish oil, the way of the lamp, giving clear instructions on the extent to which one can benefit from the lamp or candle of the Sabbath, for reading and other purposes.Later, the rabbis questioned whether the lighting of candles or lights marked the beginning of the Sabbath break, or whether the Sabbath did not begin until the prayer was recited and two iddush performances.Others argue that the Sabbath began by reciting Psalm 92 (The Song of the Sabbath.
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