lights The Guide to Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
lights The Guide to Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting and Outdoor Lighting Solutions
A wide range of fixtures such as spotlights and well lights illuminate your landscape to ensure evening entertainment and overall safety.However, lighting in the outdoor area has its own shortcomings, as lamps, bulbs and wires need to withstand constant weathering throughout the season.Simple trouble shooting techniques can help you fix landscape lighting when problems arise to prevent professionals from paying expensive repairs.Outdoor lights usually require Transformers, wiring systems, fixtures, and connecting bulbs, which are powered by 120 volts of electricity from the home.If there is any problem with your lighting, you must turn off the circuit breaker on the main electrical panel to prevent electric shock.Evaluate each wire, bulb and fixture of damaged or loose parts.Common problems include loose clamps or bulbs near fixtures.After checking the full system, you can turn on the circuit breaker again to verify that the lights are working properly.The Solar light uses sensitive internal sensors to determine the night of the day.Install the fixture near the hard diskWired light prevents the sensor from working properly because if stimulated by a nearby light source, solar energy may not light up at the right time.In addition, solar lights use rechargeable batteries that fall off due to excessive movement during installation.Checking the location of the fixture and the battery connection can often solve most solar problems.However, if the sensor cannot be activated correctly after repositioning the fixture in the dark area, it is usually necessary to replace the sensor assembly.Wire for 12 v supply to low voltageOutdoor voltage lights are often damaged by gardening tools such as lawn mowers.Because the wiring voltage is not high, it is not necessary to bury it deep in the yard.If you can't get your landscape lights to work, check the wires hidden in the soil-The small crack on the insulation is easy to short-circuit the pulse of the power supply lamp.Also, lowSteps for voltage indicatorLower the transformer to change the height of the homeLow voltage power-voltage.Adding any additional circuit to this transformer will steal power from the out-of-room light to produce a dimming effect.Having the transformer specifically power the outdoor lighting prevents voltage reduction issues throughout the yard.LED --LEDs--The bulb is hard in two-Wired and solar lighting systems, but their technology varies between manufacturers.Good-For years, there has been no dimming or color issues with premium bulbs.But low-When the bulb is used for outdoor fixtures, the quality drops rapidly.If you have a problem with the light color or flashing, try replacing the LED bulb.Normally the system works well but the bulb is faulty.
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