lights smart lighting system for indoor and outdoor car parks

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-26
Whether it's an indoor car park or an outdoor car park in Singapore, smart lighting is extremely important for the user's positive experience and safety.There are usually many dark areas in the parking lot, which can bring high risks to people.Pedestrians are often overlooked and it does not provide the required visibility when the driver stops.Bright and consistent lighting reduces darkness and improves visibility by making people feel safer.The lights also help to improve the visibility of the signboard.Agillite intelligent lighting system provides a wide range of HDB intelligent lighting solutions, which not only benefits the reduction of lighting costs, but also provides higher security and visibility areas for pedestrians and drivers in parking lots.Agillite intelligent lighting system can meet the needs of renovation projects and new buildings such as parking lots, shopping malls, stairwells, corridors, functions, indoor and outdoor parking lots and gardens.The main task is to provide users with a reduced lighting cost and a safe experience.In this article, I will focus on the key advantages of the intelligent lighting system for parking lots.Advantages of HDB intelligent lighting system in underground parking lot or underground parking lot;If you are looking for one of the ways to reduce the cost of lighting, then it is better to choose the agillite intelligent lighting system.All the lights of Agillite are sensors integrated with the intelligent control system.With the agillite smart system, your lights will only light up if needed.They are perfect for parking, gardens, stairwells, indoor and outdoor parking, and any other area that only needs lighting.Smart lights allow passengers to see things when they park.The lights are always turned off during the day.You can arrange your own lighting needs.You can also integrate various light management systems according to the lighting type.Daylight control systems, dimmers, and time switching offer energy saving options of all types.HDB smart lighting is easy to install and ready to use.If you are not sure what kind of lights and quantities are needed for your parking lot, would you like to evaluate the smart lighting solution? Let's make a proper plan.We consider the lighting needs of our customers and compare them to the lighting cost reduction requirements based on the type of space and the frequency of the people who use the space.With a suitable lighting demand calculation scheme, we can fully measure and compare different lighting schemes.Advice from LED lighting experts now that you have learned about the services, lighting plans and smart lighting products we offer for your parking lot, please do not continue to wait.Order one of the best smart lighting systems in Singapore.
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