lights put out the do not disturb sign it's me time

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-27
One of the greatest joys of life is spending time with God.Find some time in a busy day and keep quiet.In this busy world, we are caught in life, and we often forget a very important part of our soul.When we go to church, we feed it on Sunday, is that enough when we read the scriptures?When we need to pick me up quickly, we feed our body and we go to the cupboard to find a quick snack to get us through the storm until the next meal.What about the soul?It also needs to be fed between Bible reading and the church.Find some time during the day to give your soul a little reward.Watch the sunset or sunrise.Look at the world around you and there's so much beauty in front of you.Take some time to be quiet and more importantly reconnect with God and nature.If you want, put the Do Not Disturb logo on the door of your world, turn off the computer and mute the phone.Calm down and close your eyes. it only takes a second to hear your heartbeat and the voice of life.In a world of haste, the Peace of your heart is enjoying peace and quiet, and your reward is that a resting soul reconnects with you.Reconnect with God to "keep quiet and know that I am" and spend a moment with God can bring about such peace, a new energy of discovery that can solve future problems.What a few minutes of rest can do for you is fantastic.Your overall view of life is different.Let your broken soul take a break from this world, what a wonderful thing to find peace of mind.It is not easy to find time to stay still.It should be mandatory in the labor force.Do you remember when in elementary school the teacher turned off the lights and announced that everyone put their heads on the table?Simpler times in lifeDo you remember how you felt after the lights were off?Some students slept and they relaxed.How good it is to be able to spend a busy day with this feeling.You may not be able to turn off the lights or put your head on the table.But try to find a small step in your day and see what God has prepared for you.It may be showers, or it may be the voice of a new life that brings peace of mind to you.In any case, if you can't go and bring a smile to your lips, try to escape there in your mind.Just find the time to be quiet and it's worth it to give your soul a little rest.
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