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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-07
Most commonly associated with outdoor floodlights, there are many options when designing an outdoor safety lighting system.The most well-The thought system combines lamps designed for continuous use with those that are turned on and automatically turned off instantly through motion sensor detectors.When properly implemented, these lights should not only serve as a deterrent to potential crimes and pranks, but should also allow homeowners to clearly see objects in the lighting area.There are many kinds of lamps for outdoor safety lighting.You decide which light to use, at least partly depending on where the light you want is and how bright the area you want is.Other factors that affect your decision are the desired light intensity, color rendering index (CRI), associated color temperature (CCT), Lifetime, and energy efficiency.Color rendering index means that the lamp is able to render color faithfully compared to natural or optimal light sources.Daylight is a typical benchmark.The higher the light registration on this quantitative indicator, the more capable it will be to faithfully produce colors.Lamp does not describe the visible color of the Lamp.This is the work related to color temperature.The relevant color temperature refers to the specific temperature at which the theoretical light source needs to be heated to obtain the light that produces the color of the reference light source.Measured in units of Kelvin (K) degrees.Kelvin is the unit of absolute temperature;Topics beyond the scope of this article.CCT is essentially a measure of the overall warmth or coolness of the lamp's appearance.The lower temperature refers to the warmer light source and vice versa.The color below 3200 K is considered warm (red/yellow/gold), while the color above 4000 K is usually considered cool (blue ).Lamps can be divided into two main types: High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and halogen lamps.Here is a brief description of HID: HID lightsHas the longest life and highest efficacy of any light source.Efficacy refers to the amount of light produced according to the amount of energy consumed in the process.Simply put, this means that they consume more light per watt of electricity, because they have a higher radiation ratio than heat.HID lights use arc to create strong light.In this case, the ARC refers to a process that involves a rapid breakdown of the gas resistance contained in the bulb quartz or alumina arc tube.The arc tube contains gas and metal salt, and the breakdown occurs between the two electrodes in the arc tube.Gas is used to provide the initial spark.Once ignited, the arc gradually heats the metal salt contained in the arc tube.The heating of these metal salts forms a continuous plasma discharge, which greatly increases the intensity of light and reduces the energy consumption at the same time.A ballast is required for HID lamps: a device used to ignite and navigate the current in the arc tube.More specifically, it converts the existing voltage to a higher working voltage in order to ignite the gas and metal salt to produce light.Once ignited, it sometimes takes 5 minutes or more for the ballast to fully establish the arc.This means that these lights may take more than 5 minutes to produce light once activated.The result of all this is that while HID lights are a good source of continuous light sources, they are much less in terms of motion sensor outdoor lighting, this requires an immediate light from a lamp.When combined with other outdoor safety lighting devices that can be activated instantly, HID lights are the best application.The type of gas used inside the HID lamp type tube determines which HID lamp you are using.Halogen lamps, neon lights, xenon lamps, sodium lamps, mercury lamps, argon lamps and neon lamps are all varieties of HID lamps.Here is a brief overview of several main types of HID lamps: Mercury Steam lamps-Is the first generation of HID lights.Of all HID lamps, Mercury Steam lamps have the lowest efficiency.The original model produced blue/green light, but the recent model reduced the blue/green effect by adding a phosphorus coating to the bulb.The coating improves the color (color rendering index), balances the spectrum and makes the light look white.Mercury Steam lamps usually have an external bulb containing an inner arc tube.The arc tube is composed of quartz and is filled with mercury and ar gas.Metal halogen lamps and sodium steam lamps are increasingly replacing Mercury Steam lamps, which are more effective than Mercury Steam lamps and have better color reproduction.Perhaps the reason the Mercury Steam lamp did not disappear completely is how long the bulb lasted.The average life of HID bulbs is 24,000 hours or more.Gold halogen lamp-Emit extremely bright light, providing the best color reproduction of all HID lights.These lights are most commonly used in construction sites, commercial buildings, parking lots, stadiums and other areas where safety and security are the main targets.The metal halogen lamp has an arc tube containing mercury, ar and metal halogen gas.Metal halides gas can achieve higher strength, better energy consumption and better CTR and CCT than Mercury Steam lamps.Sodium steam lampThere are two kinds: low pressure and high pressure.Low pressure sodium steam lamps are the most effective in all HID lamps.The gases in the arc tubes of these lamps are solid sodium, ar and neon lights.When the light starts to heat solid sodium, it emits a faint pink/red light.When sodium evaporates, the lights show their known red/yellow glow.The disadvantage of these lamps is that they produce a single color.This means that all objects are presented in the same color.These lights are used in cases where color is not a major issue, which makes them useful for highways, parking lots, and safe lighting, etc.High pressure sodium lamp-As the name implies, work at high pressure and high temperature.The result is a more visually appealing light, but at the expense of energy efficiency.
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