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God said, Let the sky in the sky have lights, separate the day from the night;Give them signs...The main reason for the presence of lights in the sky is to provide signs.Even the oldest book in the Bible, Job (believed to have been written in the Abraham era), mentions the Zodiac (believed to have been written in the era of Moses): Work 38: 31-
Can you tie in the sweet influence of the OnStar, or unlock the band of Orion?Can you bring him out during mazarot's season?Or can you guide the Big Horn star with his son?The word "Mazzaroth" in the verse above is already a Hebrew word for "zodiac sign.So why are traditional schoolsof-Don't know anything about astrology?For they accept such scriptures as Isaiah 47: 13The face value is 14;Do not study the history or understanding of the specific point of the text.They just apply it to anyone!
Now, let astrologers, astrologers, monthly prophets stand up and save you from these things that are coming to you.Look, they will be like stubble.The fire will burn them;They will not be freed from the power of the Flame: [there will be no coal for heating, nor will there be a fire to sit before it.Work 38: 31 explicitly mentions Mazzaroth (12 constellations of the zodiac and 36 constellations associated with them );Three of them are plei stars, Orion and horned star ).In short, the self-rotating axis of the Earth (Creating day and night), which completes 365Run around the sun for a day.At the same time, the solar system (the Sun and all its orbital planets) produced 365-Trek through the zodiac (a celestial ring of twelve constellations) during the day.The solar system costs about 30-Through the days of each constellation.

Our galaxy consists of 88 constellations-December 22-1 -august 19full of lights.Each is in its own fixed position.Essentially, these still stellar structures can be used as "markers" for determining the direction and position ".In theory, they will come in handy for long space trips.Nevertheless, a wellTrained astrologers can always judge the position of the Sun along the zodiac by looking up at the sky at night and referring to the stars.For millions of years, the constellation (the light of the Sky) has been in a fixed position.It is no wonder that their science (astrology) has always been a prominent cornerstone of the development of various ancient cultures.By the way, every culture is aware of the importance of constellations.As noted in Genesis 1:14, the lights in the sky of heaven show signs.These astrological revelations provide inspiration.Unfortunately, there are too many constellations to determine where their information starts and ends.Nevertheless, an old method needs to start with the nearest star;the sun.So the sun points us to the zodiac.But where do we start with the zodiac?The ancient Egyptians, driven by renewed necessityAfter the Nile floods, the boundary was established, and the art of measurement was highly developed.They positioned the pyramid precisely on the base point of the direction.Their tops point to certain heavenly light at certain times of the year.There is a prominent structure in all the pyramids;A huge building near the pyramid in Gaza.Siphons have the head of Pharaoh and the body of the Lion (indicating the power of Pharaoh ).In Egyptian mythology, however, siphenks is a creature with the head and chest of a woman and the body of a lion.We can associate the upper half of the mythical lioness (the head and chest of a woman) with the Virgin constellation (the starting point of the Zodiac) the body of the lioness and Leo, the Lion (the end point of the Zodiac ).Each constellation of the zodiac is composed of the main constellation and three secondary constellations called the "Degan Constellation" (from the Flash Family word "de", meaning "part ")."Many scholars believe that the 12 constellations of the zodiac and their dozen constellations (lights of the sky) tell the story of the Gospel!
The Virgin has a wheat spike on the left hand (marked by the bright star Spica) and a branch on the right hand.Wheat is actually a seed, symbolizing the seed of a woman.Therefore, virgins are fertile.Among the brightest stars in Virgo, the branches (Heb: Tsemech) are the Old Testament names of the Messiah (Jer 33: 15, Zec 3: 8, 6: 12), isa 4: 2 ).The Virgin is seen in the first decan, Comah (desired), the picture is a young girl with a child on her knee (Ihesu)In Greek, Comah is a word translated into "Coma" in Latin.Therefore, the modern name of Coma is "Coma Berenice (hair of Berenice ).It is said that the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the lights of the Coma constellation.The Second decan is called the "half horse seat, half horse seat (Heb: Bezeh Asmeath, a despised sin offering ).Depicted in horse seat is said to represent a child who is the dual nature of God and man.The third is boo, the great Shepherd, who is depicted as a man with a spear.Among these lights, the brightest star is the big corner of work.However, the correct Greek name is "Bo-o-Tes derived from the Hebrew root "Bo (upcoming)" (upcoming )."The star in The Shepherd's pioneer is Al Katurops, and the branches step on their feet.Below the waist on the right is the star, "guard Milak."It's a star nearby," he Muphride separated.You can find "Nekkar, the hole in the head."Together these images tell the story of a virgin who will bring a child (the nature of God and man and the role that man will play as the great Shepherd ).Libra (Libra: Libra)
Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that is not a form of life.It contains two bright lights, zuben El genubi (South claw) and zuben Eschamali (North claw.In ancient times, Libra was considered the paw of Scorpio;But Greek mythology thinks it is necessary to separate them.The Zuben el Genubi in the South is a variant of the Arabic Zuben al Genubi (at a low price ).Zuben Eschamali in the North is a variation of Arabic Zuben al Shemali (price covered.The three ten lights of Libra are (South) cross, Lupus (Wolf) and Crown.The Cross (Heb: Adom, cut off) is a symbol of the Messiah being crucified.In ancient times, Lupus was called "Victim a, and the victim was killed (Heb: Asedah, the person who was killed ).Lupus is now a wolf killed.Because the Centaur (also the messiah of Virgo) killed the victim in a sense (the messiah of Libra), The Messiah killed himself (dedicated himself as a sacrifice ).Of course, the Crown represents a victory achieved by sacrificing death.
A giant deadly insect whose tail and thorns ready to attack depict the enemy of the delivery.The three dozen of the logos depict a terrible struggle between the savior and his opponents.Dry light;The snake, the snake (the snake held) and the Hercules.The first two of them are fighting.The snake circled the snake seat.At the same time, the scorpion stung Hercules on one heel, but the other crushed the scorpion's head.Hercules, the strong man was injured in his heel, but he put the other foot on the head of the Dragon.Hercules also has a club in his right hand ready to crush the three-The head dog of hell is in his other hand.In conclusion, these images seem to indicate that the Redeemer has overcome the Devil, which is depicted in The Scorpion, snake, Dragon and three negative symbols --Hell head dogThe brightest star (in the head of the scorpion) is known in Arabic as the "heart of the night two the injured person.In Hebrew, the sting of a scorpion is called an "abnormal Leicester "."The brightest star on the snake's neck is named in Hebrew," Cursed Alyah.
The image of the horse, someone's body, arms and head.This is Centauri, a creature that never existed, but an interesting description of the dual nature of God --man.His bow was drawn and the arrow was directed to the Scorpion.Therefore, continue to portray the struggle between good and evil starting from the lights of Scorpio.The three degans were the cellist, the Eagle, the cellist, the altar and the Dragon.Leila in HeavenA seven-stringed piano;The symbol of magnificent music, the song of victory.Ara, the altar is down, burning the fire of punishment.Delaco, the Dragon depicts the Messiah as opposed in the pain of failure, winding himself in the Arctic.The names of the two brightest lights are important.Their Hebrew name is Naim, the kind Naim and the dispatched Nehushta.The Eagle/harp piano seat contains two important stars.The brightest is Vega, the distinguished Vega and the rising eagle.Degan, Ara, altar (consumed fire) located in upside down position have some meaning for the coming judgment.Spoilers delaco rest at the foot of Sagittarius.The Hebrew name of its brightest star is Thuban, subtle.
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