lighting designer Choreographers tackle mental health with Absence of Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-17
A new dance program aims to bring light to mental health.Launceston-Debut this year, the purpose of this work isxa0Promote and initiate dialogue on mental health.Mr Comerford said it was due to personal experience.
"We see friends fail in the fight against depression, and countless colleagues and industry leaders struggle on the roller coaster of life," he said ."."We have seen that because of people's mental health, they move from the top of the world to the lowest level.No matter how small a shift is, it's the way we work.
The Comerford dance company that performed the work is called the temporary company,xa0Independent group of dancers and dancesManufacturer,xa0Work with other artists.Two times in groups.Last month, working with local production manager Darren Wilte and lighting designer Nick Higgins, lived in the Earl Theatre for a week."The temporary site is dedicated to promoting and promoting a vibrant and diverse independent dance community across Australia," said Mr Comerford .
"We plan to continue to create the art of movement, ground, arrest, reflection and problems
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