light fittings Honey farmers return ‘God’s money’ to Meander Valley Council

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-17
Because they claim that the money belongs to God, the cash sales income of $105,000 has been returned to the Commission.However, the new owner of the property, Jeff steers, is now seeking partial funding from the Parliament, as he claims that the former owner "deprived the property of" fixtures and accessories "for about $50,000 ", his insurance company.xa0Refuse payment."The remittance of the balance of the remaining sales funds to our families does not exempt the sinkhole council or its officers from liability to the top management," the letter said .
"The actions that have been taken are against him, not our family.So the responsibility lies with him, not us.Therefore, we refuse (money) recently remitted to us ).
Since the money was returned, the Commissionxa0Martin Gill, its general manager, said the funds "did nothing ".Mr. Steers claimsxa0The hotel isxa0After him, "not livable"xa0Took over the property in October."Bare Wires hung on walls and ceilings."The Dresser, the stove, the range hood and all the lamps were taken away and were actually destroyed," he said .
At least until September, the former owners still live here, he said.xa017.Mr. Styles said that when he took over the Mole Creek property, it had no electricity and water because the previous owner took the water pump.Although Mr Styles insured the property at the time of settlement, his insurance company would not pay the loss because he hadxa0There was no evidence on the day of the auction that the goods were there.
John Wilkinson, his financial agent, rural co-insurancexa0Working with the Financial Ombudsman Services to help Mr. Stylesxa0Resolve disputes.Mr. Gill said that the new property owner had contacted the council but did not make any requests for funds."Ixa0"I have actually written a letter to the Council, but I am going through the process at the moment," Mr.
Styles said .
"At the end of the day, if Ixa0Mrs.
Beerepoot did not tell me that they had returned the money to the Council.xa0I never told me.When Mr. Styles took over the property on December 12, 2017, Mr. Gill said that he was "unaware" of any damage to the premises.
Gill said he was not sure how long the property had been vacant between the arrival of the Beerepoot family vacate and the arrival of Mr. stales.Mr. Stiles bought the property for $120,000.The Meander Valley board paid $15,000 to recover the rates and legal fees.The remaining funds are given to Beerepoots.
The family of Beerepoot,xa0The Ombudsman has been contacted for comments.Tasmania state police said the theft was a civil case and would not comment further.Stiles insurance company was contacted for comment.
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