led crystal light How To Choose The Right LED For Your Home

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-15
In the past ten yearsOld-fashioned incandescent lamps are gradually losing their favor for CFL and LED bulbs.While LEDs are fairly new to the scene, they are the most effective and are rapidly gaining popularity.

You should switch to LEDs because they have onexa0Very long life (5-30 years)xa0Very low power consumption, wide color range, various models and functions, higher durability and lower heat compared to incandescent lamps make led a very good lighting option.

Unlike incandescent lamps, the brightness of the led is not proportional to its wattage.In contrast, the brightness of the LED light is measured with lumens (lm.So, check these labels to find the right replacement for your incandescent lamp.

While all incandescent lamps have warm yellow, LEDs come in a variety of colors from purple to red.The most commonly used type, however, is the yellow/white spectrum.Measure the color of LED lights with Kelvins.The larger number of Kelvin means that the light is whiter, and the lower Kelvin means yellow.

LED lights are relatively expensive compared to incandescent or CFLs.Because they consume less electricity and have a long life span, they are more eco-friendly and run at lower cost in the long run.A good example of technological development.

The dimmer switch for incandescent lamps may not always work with LED lights.So to make these lights dimmable, you either need to find the lights that are compatible with the traditional dimmer or replace the traditional dimming switch with the LEDCompatible with dimmer.

After purchasing the led, make sure they are not used in the enclosed housing as this causes the bulb to heat up and the life is shortened.If you have to use the light bulb in a closed housing, make sure to use the led approved by the manufacturer for this purpose.

CRI (color rendering index) is a measure of light quality, which shows the extent to which the light source copies the color relative to daylight.Therefore, in order to get good daylight color quality, one should look for CRI greater than 80.
Warm White vs.Cool White vs.

The warm white light is more popular for most living rooms than the cool white light because of their light red color (2800-3200K).In addition, decorations can be made with red, green and blue bulbs.

For bedrooms, warm white LEDs are usually used.Light bulbs with dimming function provide additional advantages in these areas of the house.Cool white light (5000-6500 K) can also be used if you like the ArcticLike looking for a room.

Bathroom, garage, basement, cabinets, etc.Daylight (4000 K) or cool white LEDs are a great choice.To minimize power consumption, people can even set up sensorsThe lighting system is activated in these areas.

Depending on the environment and plants of the garden, warm white to daylight LEDs can be used to illuminate the area at night.Recently, solar energyThere is also a power supply led on the market, which automatically lights up at dusk without the need for power supply;Perfect for outdoor activities.

When selecting spotlights and downlights, consider the beam angle of the bulb and the height of the ceiling.Also, always consistent with the color of the bulb in the same area.As mixing LEDs with different Kelvin ratings creates a very unpleasant look.

The appearance of the bulb is also important, depending on where it is in the house.The Led has a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some of which look like traditional incandescent lamps and even offer the same light quality and color.

Although the CFL bulb contains a small amount of mercury and needs to be treated safely if damaged, the led does not contain any such toxic material and therefore is very safe to use.
Look for UV when selecting LED lightsfree bulbs.They are less harmful and do not attract insects.

Select "UL listed" LED bulbs instead of "UL compatible" bulbs as UL compatible bulbs only follow the guidelines given by the Underwriters Lab, despite the rigorous testing of the bulbs listed by UL, good performance is guaranteed.
Use only bulbs with high power
Beware of LED lights made of inferior LED chips, which can shorten the life of the bulb and provide inconsistent color performance.
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