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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-10
Spirituality involves realizing that it is connected to something greater than the individual self or self.This "greater thing" is traditionally called God, goddess, Allah, great spirit, almighty, absolute and many other names.Some people think of it as the universe, or infinite order and beauty.Many people like not to give anything to their names.But, whether named or unnamed, awareness of the connection to something greater than "I" has always been a source of personal strength and meaning in human history.Individuals often find that their ability to perceive and recognize expands when they are mentally mature.These expanded capabilities often include those that are not yet known --to-Be an event of the future, as evidenced by the constant presence of prophets, visionaries, prophets and shamans throughout history.Modern simulations of this ancient ability to understand the future are premonition, sometimes called intuition, intuition, or sixth sense.Prophecy is often considered to have nothing to do with spirituality, but has a deep connection.The most obvious thing is love, as shown in the following example.Amanda, a young mother living in Washington state, woke up at 2: 30 A.M.M.From a nightmare.She dreamed that a chandelier hanging above the crib in the next room fell into the crib and crushed the baby.In a dream, when she and her husband were standing in the ruins, she saw a clock on the baby's dresser reading to 4: 35 a.m.M.The weather in the dream is fierce;The rain beat the window and the wind blew.The dream was terrible. she woke her husband up and told him.He laughed and told her that the dream was silly and urged her to go back to sleep and he did so very quickly.But the dream was terrible and Amanda went to the baby's room and brought the child back to her bed.She noticed that the weather was calm, not as stormy as in her dreams.Amanda thinks she's stupid.-Until about two hours later, she and her husband were awakened by a loud noise.They rushed into the nursery and found the crib torn down by the chandelier that fell directly into it.Amanda noticed that the clock on the dresser was 4: 35.M.The weather has changed.The storm is now blowing.Her husband did not laugh this time.Amanda's dream is a snapshot of the future.-Specific to specific events, the exact time at which it will occur, and changes in weather.Love dramatically acts as an intermediary for prevention in sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, a clearly healthy infant's sudden, unexplained death between one and twelve months old.In the experience of SIDS parents, prediction is a recurring feature.One example is Don, a doctor in a metropolitan area.During the first three months of his wife's pregnancy, he felt that the joy of his son's birth would not last.A few months before birth, he occasionally finds himself considering a nearby cemetery where his son will eventually be buried.He felt that Tang held him in his arms for the first time on the day he was born, and there was no obvious reason why the newborn should not be with them.Starting about two to three weeks before Tang's death, he will wake up from his sleep with SIDS thoughts.The day before his son died, he heard a voice that was very similar to himself, "take a good look.This is the last time you saw him.\ "When Tang's wife planned to take the child to visit his parents living in another state, Tang's concerns increased.Although they did not agree whether the child should go, Tang did not show his fear to his wife.When he drove them to the airport, negative emotions poured in.At the airport, when he walked to the security, he heard a clear warning that he would never see his son again.He knew that his children would die on the journey.When he walked back to the parking lot, the voice told him to go back and pick up his son.Finally, the sound softened and stopped when Tang ignored it and continued walking.Early the next morning, his wife called and said hysterically that their son was dead.Later, he found that his aunt had similar concerns about the child.Tang turned back and said, "the process has shocked me since I knew it before --This [death] will happen.The only thing I don't know is the time and place...I don't know what it means.The only thing I can say is that if I listen to "My Heart", many disasters may be avoided...I think people have the ability to perceive things and give it a purposeful meaning that can be used for any future event."Many SIDS parents experienced dreams, visions or feelings of contact with babies after death.They feel consistently positive about these experiences and feel that their children are taken care of and are in a better place.There are other benefits that are spiritual.Premonition will open our hearts to each other and open our hearts to the larger world.As mentioned earlier, they show that we are part of something larger than the individual self, and as an ecologist we are an element of the great "connected mode --Says philosopher Gregory Batterson.Prophecy shows that we are associated with every consciousness that has existed or will exist.Many outstanding scientists have realized this.David Bohm, a famous physicist, said: "everyone's consciousness contains the spirit of each other.Nobel physicist Elwin schrörörörör also believes that ideas are unified in a sense."There is no point in splitting or multiplying consciousness," he said.There is obviously only one choice, that is, the unity of thought or consciousness...In fact, there is only one mind.\ "By linking space and time, predictions reveal the unity of these scientists ---Many spiritual traditions-speak.Therefore, prophecy implies that we are not isolated individuals, but the existence of consciousness functioning outside of the present and our bodies.They believe that in a sense, we are non-local or infinite in time.When we feel this deeply, we may be as "transparent to supervisionaries" as Joseph Campbell, a speech scientist, puts it ".Through love, it indicates the connection of human beings across time and space.The most fundamental aspect of spirituality is love.Prophecy is a window through which we can see not only our connection with others, but also our connection with infinity.
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