large chandeliers for sale Iconic Launceston heritage property Glenfruin listed for sale

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-20
The lonely green metal door on the street has the name "Glen Flynn", but its cracked paint doesn't give anything to show the grandeur outside the wall at 1 Brisbane street.Built in the 1880 s, Glenfruin was transformed into Italian property in the 1920 s.Over the past seven years, it has been further renovated with the owner restoring the building of Glen Flynnxa0With the help of heritage architect David Denman, the original features, while adding its own modern style, make it a cozy family home.
Listed agent Rodney Rawlins from Cleveland Frank Launceston remembers visiting the property in his 1980 s and taking the opportunity to see how it changed later."All you can see is the red dome on the street," said Mr Rawlins .".Once through the security gate, Glen Fulin will be found, it'sxa0The restoration of Italianate plinths is a formal recognition of the history of the property.
"The owners have done everything they can to restore it to glory.Although it is located on the top of the mountain between Brisbane and York Street, the clever positioning ensures privacy within the Glen Flynn border.The main entrance below the dome maintains a Federal style, but once in modern style the legacy becomes a modern haven.
Bookcase linexa0The library wall started with lime.Wash the floor on the original pressed ceiling, across the Tamar river you can see magnificent views of the rural areas of the city.This level also includes the master bedroom and a modern dressing room across the hall --xa0This has its own striking chandelier.
Dining area for leisure lifexa0Leadxa0One way to get into the formal dining room and the other way to get into the modern kitchen.Electrical appliances are hidden throughout the kitchen,xa0Reflecting Italian marble benchxa0Red brick outside the walled courtyard."This is a house that is easy to live in," said Mr Rawlins .
"This is the best known quality property on the market in the past decade," he said .".There are two bedrooms on the floating wooden stairs, a shared bathroom and an office with two glass walls.Downstairs.The suite and entertainment area provide access to a balcony and a well-trimmed lawn.
Glen Flynn last sold for $815,000 in April 2011 and Mr Rawlins is expected to reach a premiumxa0Market through agencyxa0National and international networks.Knight Frank expressed interest in Glen Flynn.xa0Until October 19
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