lamp Wine Bottle Lamps DIY Tutorial

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-04

 EOS -8.9.10.Through a scrap irondealer\'s dump-One day, in the yard of Kolkata, I noticed that the largest number of dumps were alcohol bottles of all shapes and sizes.While it made me feel creepy about the alcohol consumption that took place in that part of the city, it also reminded me of why all these bottles should do so, most of the shapes are so beautifully shaped and thrown away?The idea was on my mind for a week.Every morning I woke up with the same idea in my head until a clear afternoon I had something like that on Etsy and decided to go all the way and turn the alcohol bottleIf you want to produce these lights in large quantities, it is wise to connect with scrap steeldealer.These bottles sell peanuts in India.4 or 5 INR.In addition, a scrapDealers can also give you a variety of good options.Otherwise, wait a few weekends and collect some bottles from your friends!Once the bottles are collected they need to be cleaned and the labels need to be scraped from the surface of the bottle.Stubborn adhesives can be scrubbed with touch utensils by soaking the marked bottle in warm soapy water.I took my bottle to a glass.A local hardware drill shop.A gap of about 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle is a safe way to measure that does not break the bottle.The diameter of the hole to be drilled is about 1 inch.Usually, there will be a drill in this precise measurement (as shown in the figure ).The first picture of my recycling light was made with crutchesI found furniture manufacturers through the Internet.I searched Google for information and found this young man who lives in the suburbs of Kolkata 7 months a year from the NorthEastern Assam.Assam is a state known for its sugar cane in in Assam made the most beautiful bamboo and rattan furniture in India.I was lucky to find this young man in his twenties.He listened to my instructions and did the results I really liked!Back home, after I bought the LED string lights from the local hardware store, I wasn't quite sure what the finished Light looked like.I insert the rope into the drill (which takes time and patience) and then a point, bingo!The bottle looks beautiful!DIY lights you can make yourself!My crutch craftsman made a lot of lights for me that I love to sellCake in my exhibition.But once his seven months in Kolkata each year end, he will return to Assam and spend the rest of his time there before returning.When he first went to Assam, I had no idea how I was going to meet this foreverThe demand for these bottles is growing.lamps of mine.That's when I make various items in a newspaper (I will share them in a separate center ).I decided to try the newspaper and some of the rest.over jute-Fabric and make my own version of the alcohol bottle-Light without the help of a cane craftsman.A few points to remember....While making the alcohol bottle lamp, it is important to remember the following points for the life and safety of the lamp.Keep the bottle open.Do not seal with a cover or any other material.This will help the Heat escape and keep the bottle cool.Put these bottles out of reach of the children.They do get a bit hot, which may not be safe for toddlers.The LED light goes out, but don't get upset.Take this out of the bottle and insert a new one.Usually, the LED string made by Chinese people lasts about a year or so.
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