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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-10
Are you an antique lamp collector?-Or do you want to be?Just looking for that special thing for your home or office?Regardless of your needs and interests, we have all the facts you need, not promotions!Simply present the real information.What do you think when someone says antique lights?You may see the image of a gorgeous chandelier, even a Victorian oil lamp, or even a candle holder with a soft glow.It's at least partially correct that you think so.However, electricity was available at the end of 1800, providing the public with a wide range of electric lights (also known as incandescent lamps ).Some lights still exist today and are likely to still be useful.When most people think of Westinghouse, they don't think of antique lights, which is a safe bet;They are much more likely to consider washing machines or refrigerators.Some of the most valuable antique lamps are actually produced by Westinghouse.It's also interesting that Georgia Westinghouse is a well-known inventor, long before his name became a household name for lighting and electronics.Despite the comments, Edison is the most prolific inventor with thousands of patents under his nameWestinghouse did not slack off on his more than 400 inventions!Many of his patents are original inventions that change the way people work or live.The most lasting contribution George Westinghouse has made to modern life may be his support for AC.Edison likes DC, but Westinghouse proves that communication is safer and home users will benefit more from safer lighting.This led to the electrified of American families.The 1893 World Expo used electricity extensively in elaborate exhibitions, demonstrating the advantages of AC over DC.Among the antique lights that are still found today, the cutest and truly practical ones are the antique banker lights.Made of brass pillars, typically featuring a green or blue lampshade, provides warm, soft but bright direct lighting.Many of the replicas are green, but before 100, blue was clearly a more common color.The lights of antique bankers are connected to the available current of 1800, but modern electricity needs to be updated or restored to many of them.Antique banker lights are still popular today and are highly sought after by collectors, students, executives or anyone who has been working at a desk for a long time.The price of these lights is a bit high due to their continued popularity, which potential collectors need to keep in mind.If you are looking for an antique banker light, you should decide whether you want functional or decorative.If you want to work at your desk, you want an antique banker light, double check to make sure where the wiring switches and sockets are safe to use.A faulty light on the line can be fatal as it can cause an electrical fire.There must be wires listed by UL on the land.Bring your antique banker lights to a qualified electrician to repair, line new or install new hardware.It should be noted that replacing the original line on the antique bank Light will reduce the value, but there is no choice if you really intend to use this light.However, if the antique banker light is used only for purely decorative purposes, the original line can be kept intact even if it is spoiled and unsafe.
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