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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-23

How to replace the light line.The wire for replacing the lamp is usually easier and safer than repair.The repaired wire is more likely to be loose or poorly connected, which can cause fire or shock.Plug the lightRemove the lampshade and twist the bulb off the socket.Screw off or break the socket from the lamp and use a screwdriver to gently pry open the socket if necessary-Housing base for socket housing.Screw down two wires from the bottom of the socket.Unplug the wire from the screw and pull the wire out of the light from the bottom.Push the new wire from bottom up into the light.Push slowly and evenly to avoid the wires getting stuck, especially when the lights are long.Once the new wire appears at the top of the lamp, pull a part of it;It should be long enough to work comfortably, 1 feet or two.Separate the two wires of the wire with a blade or tool knife and cut the center of the wire between 2 and 4 inch.Peel off about 1 inch of the insulation from the end of the separated wire with a peel.(Don't cut at yourself, be careful not to pinch your palm.) Make sure there are no other scratches or cuts elsewhere on the wire.Turn the ends of each exposed wire clockwise so they don't wear out and then curl each wire into a small hook.Place a hook on each screw on the socket and wrap the wire clockwise (this will help ensure a tight fit under the screw ).Make sure the wires don't touch each other and tighten the screws.Screw in the socket first and reassemble the light.Then replace the light bulb and lampshade.
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