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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-22

The lights of the OTT brand are widely used by artisans, artists, tailors and other enthusiasts.OTT bulbs bring excellent lighting quality for any project, as the natural light emitted by the bulbs can relieve the tension and fatigue of the eyes.Turn off and unplug the light, then lift the light to the upright position so that the whole light is aligned vertically.Hold the lamp holder and gently pop up the bulb from the clip connecting the opposite end of the socket and remove the bulb.Without crushing the bulb, hold the bulb as firmly as possible and start to unplug the bulb from the connecting socket.Gently swing the bulb from one side to the other to loosen it, and then pull it freely from the connecting clip.Gently snap the replacement bulb (tube) into the hold clamp from the opposite side of the connecting socket.Align the connection pin with the connection socket and push the bulb down into the connection socket.You will hear a clicking sound indicating that the bulb is connected.Plug in the light and turn it on to make sure the bulb works.Turn off and unplug the wing shadow light.Keep the bottom of the housing to stabilize the light.Align the shadows and gaps on the shell by rotating the shadows.Once the cut is aligned, grab the end of the shadow and pull it out to remove it from the shell.Gently grip the tube light bulb and pull it out of the socket.Align the replacement bulb with the socket Pin and push the bulb to the pin until a click is heard.This indicates that the bulb is installed correctly.Replace the Shadow by sliding the shadow over the bulb.Align the gap, snap in place, and rotate the shadow to its normal position.Plug in the lights and use them.Unplug the task light and place it on a solid surface when replacing the tube bulb.Flip the shadow, while firmly grasping the shell, while away from the shell, swing the shadow from one side to the other.Put the shade aside.Hold the tube firmly, pull it out and remove it from the connecting socket.Replace the tube bulb by aligning the connection end with the connection socket.Gently push the tube until you hear the clicking sound.This indicates that the bulb is installed correctly.Replace the Shadow by sliding the opening end over the tube and putting it back into the shell.Plug in the lights and use them as needed.
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