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In our modern world, Glass is a part of everyday life, but this is not always the case.The elegant and ethereal medium known as the Aqua glass bracelet is simple and is basically made of and or silica and flow aids;sodium ...In our modern world, Glass is a part of everyday life, but this is not always the case.The elegant and ethereal medium known as the Aqua glass bracelet is simple and is basically made of and or silica and flow aids;Sodium or potassiumWhen melting at very high temperatures, these elements are fused together, resulting in the product being easily identified as glass.Glass is an old invention. in the past 5000 S, especially since the development of 18 th century technology, glass has been produced.Before 5000, the first glass manufacturers were discovered in ancient Egypt and in meisondamia, and take the early glass that survived today as an example.At that time, it was considered a very strange product, and studies have shown that the simple techniques used by those ancient craftsmen were secret.The first batch of glass products are quite rough bottles and flasks, which are made into basic shapes with mud.By inserting a short metal rod into one end and then dipping into the molten glass, the "core" of the Flash shape is formed, thus maintaining the shape of the model.The long glass wire known as "canes" is then wound around this basic shape until the flask or bottle is finished.Before its decline, Egypt monopolized glass manufacturing worldwide.When the Romans invaded Egypt, they soon adopted glass that made secrets.In fact, about 1st century, the Romans continued the development of glass manufacturing by introducing glass blowing.It is the development of glass manufacturing from Rome that has led to the production of glass in the Western world.At the same time, the Chinese discovered glass, which was considered to have special properties in ancient China, such as being able to stay away from evil spirits.It is also considered to have healing properties associated with gems and crystals, however, it was found by the Chinese before the 17 th century that this product was of little use.It should be remembered that until the 19 th century, Glass was rarely used in buildings around the world, and Chinese people liked translucent paper.Thanks to China's highly developed and fine porcelain production, Glass is not required for storage.Since 700 BC, China has been producing glass, operating a variety of small glass workshops across the country, but most of these workshops with small random output have a shorter life span.It is also obvious that Glass did not compete with Kangxi until the end of the 17 th century (1662-1722) the first national glass factory was established as an animation workshop in 1696.The workshop is located inside the palace walls of the Forbidden City, equipped with the best craftsmen in China.The beautiful Chinese glass is called "Beijing Glass" in the West, in fact introduced to the Chinese by the 17 th century German Jesuit missionary priest.The delegation supervised the establishment of the imperial workshop and brought many Western glass and enamel processes to the Chinese courts.Therefore, in the big family of Chinese Decorative Arts, Beijing glass is correctly described as "stepson ".Interestingly, it was the introduction of nasal or powdered tobacco that led to the establishment of the imperial workshop.When the Europeans first arrived in China, they not only discovered new exciting things, but also the Chinese did not understand the Western world. They found new ideas in China. smoking nose smoke is one of them!Due to the rapid development of the habit of using nose smoke in the court and the rapid popularity in the upper class, glass nose smoke pot was produced.The imperial workshop produces vials specifically for use by imperial families containing nasal smoke or powdered tobacco, or, as a gift, to the minister of civil and military affairs of the court and foreign diplomats.A Chinese peking glasstable desk lamp, a typical thick wall lamp, weighs only 4 lbs/1.8kg.Stand on a custom gold plated wooden base, a mustard yellow light sitting on a gold plated bronze ring, and a lamp with a gold plated bronze hat.Circa 1900.The total height (including Shadows) 22 \ "/56 cm these early products are monochrome, or a single color of the imperial yolk yellow, ruby red and milky white green.They are simple in shape, or "the taste of scholars", from simplicity to highly decorative pieces covered with colorful glass, the glass is either carved or engraved.Covered glass was developed on the side.This includes immersing a piece of glass in a bucket of molten glass of contrasting color.The shape is then cooled and takes 3 days, after which it is carved out with decoration showing the original stained glass layer.Glass handling is a long and tedious process that takes time and effort.In traditional jade, the final molding and polishing is done by handOrderly grinding and polishing of the cutting process.The illustrated Beijing glass lamp is an example of a single color, produced by repeatedly immersing the shape of the glass in the bucket of the molten glass until the desired shape is produced and finally finished and polishedNowadays, Beijing Glass has many forms, both functional and purely decorative.Antique and antique desk lamp Co., Ltd. specializes in lighting antique lamps and lanterns with on-More than 100 unique collections of antique lamps and lanterns.Lights shipped for USA, UK and Australia are ready.For more information, please visit their website :-www.Antiquelampshop.
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