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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-09
The car HID xenon lamp of traditional halogen lamp is a highPressure light, light-The principle of emission is that with the maturity of xenon headlight technology, more and more highFinal vehicle with xenon lamp as standard.If your vehicle is a standard halogen lamp and you are interested in upgrading the lighting system for the car, then I tell you that the modification of xenon lamp has a more mature modification work, not only will it not affect the safety performance of the vehicle, but improve active safety in dark and bad weather.So, you can rest assured.The car HID xenon lamp of traditional halogen lamp is a highPressure light, light-The principle of light emission is to use positive and negative electrodes to react with rare metals to stimulate xenon gas.Careful observation can be found in a small glass bulb lamp with no filament but full of xenon and some rare metal, with two electrodes at both ends in a small glass ball.The xenon lamp car 12 v power supply is boosted to 23 kV high voltage, and then through the electrodes in the xenon and rare metal internal glass balls, due to the high temperature in the collision excitation, and with the increase of pressure, the line spectrum is widened, the band spectrum is formed.Filled with a variety of metal halides, the color temperature of the spectrum can be controlled, usually HID color temperature can reach 4000 ~ 12000 K.After the xenon lamp is started, the brightness is 0.8 s is 20% of the brightness of the halogen lamp, and the 4S is less than 80% of the rated brightness.For the stable operation of the bulb, the lamp stable ballast outputs a constant voltage of 85 V.A.High brightness: the output luminous flux of xenon lamps is as high as 3000 lm, and halogen lamps can only output luminous flux of about 1000lm.Two.Good color temperature: the normal halogen color temperature is around 3000 K, the driving at night is very dim, and the xenon lamp is a natural color that imitates the Sun (citing picture parameters), which is more in line with the human visual experience.3.Low energy consumption: Under normal circumstances, the halogen power around the xenon lamp is 55/60 W, and the rated power is 35 W.4.Long life: Halogen lamps are heated by tungsten wires, and gradually evaporate with the increase of tungsten wire use time. since xenon lamps use luminous filaments, there is no filament life, so the service life is much longer than halogen lamps, can reach 2500 ~ 3000 h.5 stable performance: Xenon lamp has good stability and continuity. even if there is a fault, xenon lamp is not extinguished, but the light is gradually slowing down. First of all, the model of xenon lamp is selected.Xenon lamp H1, H3, H4, H7, 900, 9005, 9006 and other models.We can find the model of the light bulb and buy the corresponding light.Second, choose the right color temperature.From a security point of view, in 4200 ~ 6000 K, the color temperature of the headlights is the best choice, due to the similar color temperature between the light emitted by xenon lamps and natural light, it also makes the eye color of the light the most comfortable, some original standard models of xenon lamps, the color temperature of light is mostly 4200 K.The color temperature of the yellow color is about 3000 K, and the light penetrating power of the xenon lamp is very strong for fog lamps.Xenon lamps with a color temperature of more than 6000 K are white in color, which is likely to cause glare and poor penetration in rainy weather. installation is not recommended.
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