kitchen island lighting Choosing Kitchen Island Lighting & Colors

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
kitchen island lighting Choosing Kitchen Island Lighting & Colors
Colonial Americans build a kitchen island by putting a simple table in front of the fireplace.The family was there to prepare and eat their meals.The whole kitchen has changed until today, but the concept remains the same.The stove has replaced the fireplace and the island has been upgraded to include cabinets and possibly wine racks and bar sinks.Still, the island is still the place to prepare food, where friends and family gather and are the real heart of the kitchen.Organize the factors that may affect your decision.These factors include the existing materials and finishes of cabinets and countertops, the color of the appliances, and the primary colors of the kitchen accessories.When you choose a color for your island, it's best to keep it inside the existing palette in the kitchen.Inspiration for this color can be found anywhere: cabinets, wall colors, and even favorite vintage accessories.Once you have the inspiration, decide if you want to match it exactly or choose a tone that can complement it.If you want a cohesive and uniform look, please match the cabinet perfectly.If you are not afraid of color, choose the kitchen island as a different tone.Do not stray too far from the current palette.The island should make your kitchen more beautiful instead of making it more beautiful.Now that you have found the ideal color, you have to find the ideal color.If your island has elements made of wood, you can get these things dirty or painted.Islands with metal elements can be untreated or painted.Increase the function of the island by using paint that can convert the surface into a blackboard or dry erase board or even make it magnetized.You can use rustic paint to create a distressed and dated look, or go to fashion and modern with a premium decorCreate luster by applying varnish on the island.You can add a little whimsy by applying corrugated metal on the solid side of the island, which is usually used for external applications.Choose the lighting depending on the size and shape of the island, how you intend to use the island, the current lighting in the kitchen, and the presence of the island hood.Remember the size of the island when choosing a light.If the island is narrow, choose a narrow chandelier instead of a wide chandelier that looks to illuminate the ballpark.Choose direct lighting to prepare food, or if the island is a work table for yourself or your child.If the kitchen already has insert lights, consider a pendant to add to the appeal of the island.If your island has a stove top and therefore a fume hood, you should ask professionals if Island lighting is a viable option.The sky, or rather, the ceiling is the limit to the lighting of the kitchen island.Lighting and paint can enhance the aesthetic of homeowners.Large box shops and specialty home decor retailers have a choice of modern, rustic, retro, rustic and retro shops.Those who wish to use past fixtures can browse the aisles of antique shops, used shops and flea markets.When buying one or two fixtures, don't give up practicality for beauty.The island that sees a lot of action should have ambient lighting provided by chandeliers or chandeliers.The American Lighting Association recommends placing a pendant every 2 feet of counter space.
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