how to make a chandelier How to Swag a Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Swag a Chandelier
When an electric ceiling box is not in the correct position of the new chandelier, it is cheaper to grow and tie the chain on the fixture than to let the electrician move the electric box.The hooks come in a variety of styles and finishes that support the weight of small and medium-sized chandeliers.Hooks can also be used in toggle-When the support beam is not available, the Bolt version is perfect for hanging the chain and power cord of the fixture from the dry wall.Measure the distance from the power supply to the proposed position of the chandelier using a tape measure.Add 2 to 3 feet in this measurement to compensate for the relaxation.How much slack you need depends on how much you want the chain and rope to hang between the fixture and its hook.Buy chains and wires of the right length.Most home improvement centers sell chains and ropes on their feet.Add 2 feet to the length of the power cord to allow electrical connection.Remove the original chain by using a pair of adjustable pliers and screwdriver to separate the links and decorative cover plates attached to the chandelier support ring.Do not remove the wire from the chandelier at this time.Connect one end of the new chain to the chandelier.Use a screwdriver and a pair of adjustable pliers to separate and open the end link and hook it to the support ring.Bend the link back to the closed position using the tool.Connect the other end of the chain to the trim cover plate you removed in the previous step.Connect the new power cord to the chandelier.The best way is to remove the chandelier and replace the old wire with the new wire in the same way.This may include connecting the wire to a set of wires located inside with a wire nut, or to a fixed screw on the side of the lamp socket.This will depend on the type of chandelier.Weave New ropes through chains and threads through the opening in the center of the decorative cover plate.Use the stud finder and pencil to position and mark the position of the ceiling pallet.When you put it on a bolt, the device will beep or light up.Use the power drill bit and the appropriate size drill bit to drill holes on the ceiling support beam in the desired position of the fixture.The diameter of the drill should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the swa hook thread handle.Fix the swag hook to the ceiling pallet by placing its threaded handle in the guide hole and turning clockwise until tightened.If it is difficult to screw in the hook by hand, take it out and use the larger drill bit as the guide hole.Most manufacturers recommend the bit size in the instructions that come with the swag hook.Mark the swa hook position on the ceiling with a pencil.Use a screwdriver to make a small hole in the dry wall.Screw the toggle bolt onto the threaded handle of the swa hook.Squeeze the toggle bolt together and insert it into the opening of the ceiling.Push the toggle bolt into a place far enough from the ceiling until it is reopened.Tighten the swag hook with your hand until it sticks to the ceiling.Close the circuit breaker in the panel box located in the supply ceiling electric box.Use a non-Contact the circuit tester to verify that the power supply is off.Make sure the light switch is in the "off" position.Hang the chandelier at the appropriate height by connecting the chain to the swag hook.Connect the black switch leg on the chandelier, White neutral and green or bare copper ground wire to black, and the white wire and ground wire in the ceiling electric box are fixed by screwing their ends together and using a wire nut.The switch leg is a wire connected to the switch that powers the fixture when it is turned on.Align the cover plate to the electric box and fix it with proper mounting screws.
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