how to make a chandelier How to Shorten a Chain for a Lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Shorten a Chain for a Lamp
You need to make some adjustments when the chandelier or hanging light blocks the road, or it doesn't look good on the height of the suspension.Chandeliers or swa lights are usually hung on the chain and the wires are woven between the chains.Shortening the chain for whatever reason is a simple process that does not involve electrical knowledge.When you work, find an assistant to support the weight of a chandelier or light fixture.Power off at the breaker box.Set up two ladders near the chandelier.When your assistant is holding the weight of the chandelier on one ladder, climb the other ladder so you can safely reach the chandelier chain.Determine how many links to remove by keeping the chandelier at the preferred height.Count the number of loose links to tell how many links need to be deleted.Find the split in one of the links to delete.All the links on the chain have a separate place in the middle, and the sides gather together.Place a pair of pliers on one side of the split and the other pair on the other side of the split.Twist the pliers in the opposite direction until the link is open.Remove the open link from the rest of the chain.Repeat this process for other links to be deleted.If you delete three links, you may be able to go down to the third one, open it and let the link disappear.However, some links may go through the power cord, so repeat this action with pliers to remove any links that don't fall off.Connect the chain together.Reverse the process with pliers, so the chain is a unit.Unscrew the canopy from the ceiling.The link has now been removed and the power cord is longer than the chain.When your assistant is holding the chandelier, pass the wires through the canopy.Keep the power cord a little longer than the chain, so the chain keeps the weight of the chandelier, not the power cord.Wrap the excess wires in the canopy.Do it neatly instead of stuffing it in.This makes it possible for the wire not to have problems that might prevent it from operating safely in the future.Replace the canopy with a screwdriver.Measure tapeTwo laddersA helperTwo dual pliersSoft clothScrewdriverSince you may want to extend and put the connection and pliers between a soft cloth so you don't scratch the surface.By keeping the original length of the power cord, you can ensure that the chandelier is lowered in the future without any electrical work.If your chandelier is at the entrance, the standard height is 7 feet from the floor.If it hangs on the table, measure 30 inch from the top of the table to the bottom of the fixture.
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