how to make a chandelier How to Make a Crystal Chandelier Look Rustic

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Make a Crystal Chandelier Look Rustic
The crystal chandelier adds splendor and elegance to the room.The crystal chandelier itself may be a bit too gorgeous when you prefer the rustic style.Decorating the chandelier with country and outdoor supplies has reduced its style by one grade, making the atmosphere of the room more like the atmosphere of the cabin than the atmosphere of the ballroom.Flexible branches and vines, such as willow or vines, wrap around the thick and typical metal part of the chandelier to make it look more natural and rustic.The more chandelier bases are covered, the more rustic it looks.Branches are not as flexible as vines, but cut to random length, placed around the straight part of the chandelier and they cover it enough.Tie the vines or branches to the appropriate position with jute or natural hemp rope.If you are unable to reach the branches or Vines, an old vine wreath can be disassembled for winding the chandelier part.Many chandeliers have a shiny gold or silver metal frame with crystals inside.Apply a new matte black paint on the metal part, making the chandelier more simple and elegant.By sponge on turquoise, gold and a little white paint and glaze, a faux patina finish comes to life.Create a rusty iron look by adding a copper paint or glaze to the matte black finish.The crystal itself seems a bit too delicate for rustic decor.Replace parts or all with drilled polished marine glass, pine nuts, arrows, pieces of antique pottery, antique tin coffee cups and even antique skeleton keys.For a completely rustic look, add a rusty wheel to the frame of the chandelier.If the chandelier is large enough, the old plows or wagon wheels may work, or use the old curved bike rims, paint black with artificial rust and remove some or all of the spokes.If necessary, cut the wheel to create a slot, install it on the chandelier part, and then arrange the wheel to be placed horizontally.The wheels are kept in place by placing them in the curved part of the chandelier arm, if any, or by tying them together with natural hemp ropes or jute.The end result looks like a chandelier customized for your country space.
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