how to make a chandelier How to Make a Beaded Chandelier Cover

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Make a Beaded Chandelier Cover
The chandelier is an attractive decorative accent and is the focus of the living area.If you want to dress up your chandelier, you can create a bead cover or shadow that highlights the light fixture.In general, the bead chandelier cover does not cover the entire chandelier as each shade is designed to fit a single bulb.The design of the bead chandelier cover is a valuable home improvement project for your real estate investment.Purchase pre-Make separate chandelier lampshades from local home furnishing shops or craft shops.Choose a shape that highlights the decor of the home and complement the theme of the chandelier.Each lampshade is designed to cover one bulb.The hue of the groove has formal features and GlobalThe color of the shape has the feeling of modern leisure.Measure the circumference of the bottom of the lampshade and multiply it by the number of lampshades you need.Purchase the Pearl ribbon from the local craft store according to the amount you measured.The ribbon strip will not be displayed on the outside of the chandelier cover, but will be displayed from below.Choose the beads and ribbon colors that coordinate with the chandelier and decorative accessories.Cut the ribbon to wrap the interior of the chandelier cover and let the beads show below the bottom edge of the shadow.Using a hot glue gun, apply a small drop of glue water around the inner perimeter of the lampshade, and gently press the ribbon strip on the glue.Slightly across the end of the ribbon at the starting point to provide continuous seams.Cut the extra ribbonRepeat the process with the remaining chandelier Hood to ensure that the beads are suspended evenly around each shadow.Before connecting the lampshade to the chandelier bulb, let the glue dry completely for 15 minutes.Pre-The chandelier cover is made with hardware that surrounds the bulb and holds the lid.
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