how to make a chandelier How to Decorate a Chandelier With Seashells

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Decorate a Chandelier With Seashells
If you choose a shabby chic or beachside cottage style, the room may be a bit out of place for the existing chandelier.Instead of removing the entire chandelier and creating an unwanted wiring project, you can decorate the chandelier with shells that match the atmosphere of the rest of the room.Depending on the size of the shell and the makeup of the chandelier, you can visually and pleasantly stick the shell to the workpiece, or add the shell with a wire through a small drill hole.Clean the chandelier thoroughly with a duster.Rinse the shells clean and let them dry thoroughly on paper towels.Thoroughly check the chandelier and enclosure to determine how you would like to attach the enclosure to the chandelier.Some shells are easy to string together with lines to form ornaments;Others are better attached to the main body of the chandelier.Lift up a variety of enclosures along the chandelier to determine the most pleasing layout.Drill small holes in the Shell, which will become a hanging ornament, using the smallest bit you can find, but large enough to be used to process the wires.Rotating tools with drill bits can also work.Fix a length of the craft line on the chandelier to determine how long you want it to be so that you can pack the case extra and connect to the chandelier base.Wire cut into the right size with a wire cutting machine.Repeat any decorations you want to make;In general, one for each "arm" of the chandelier.Pass one end of a craft line through the drilling hole on the shell, then fold and wrap one end around itself, fixing the shell in place.Connect the other end of the wire to the desired position on the chandelier and fix it in the same way.Repeat the remaining hanging shell jewelry.Spray a solid drop of home adhesive in the inner perimeter on the back of the case, using enough adhesive so it sticks to the chandelier.Press the case to the preferred position on the main body of the chandelier, hold it for about a minute until it remains in place.Repeat it with the remaining shells until the chandelier is finished.Please allow full drying before using the chandelier, as the heat of the lamp may cause loose uncured adhesive.
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