how to clean brass chandelier How to Remove Rust From Brass Hardware

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
how to clean brass chandelier How to Remove Rust From Brass Hardware
Many homeowners choose brass hardware as the outer door and gate as it has bright gold and corrosion resistance.Because pure copper does not contain iron, real rust cannot be formed, but sometimes red is formed.or green-Colored gloss if not properly sealed.Using ordinary household materials and a little manual labor, it is simple to remove the gloss from brass hardware.However, if the hardware does not dry and oil after cleaning, the gloss will surface again over time.Remove the brass hardware from the housing.Place the connecting screw in a safe position that will not be lost during cleaning.Dishes measuring 1/2 tablespoons-Washing liquid, pour 1-gallon bucket.Fill the bucket with very hot water.Stir until the dish-The washing liquid is completely dissolved.Make sure the water is hot but don't burn because your hands will touch it during cleaning.Put brass hardware into a soap bucket.Scrub hard with a brush.Pay attention to any corner or decorative carving with stains inside.Rinse the hardware with clean hot water.Dip the corner of the folded shop towel into distilled white vinegar until saturated.Press it in the salt so it sticks to the vinegar.soaked cloth.Rub the brass hardware with the salty end of the cloth.Re-apply after the salt is dissolved.Continue rubbing brass hardware with saltBefore losing the shiny lift and metal to a shiny look, grind the towel.Dip the cotton swab with vinegar and salt.Rub the tip of the cotton swab in the decorative carving or corner to handle the internal stain more effectively.Wash the hardware with hot soapy water to remove salt residue.Dry the hardware with clean, dry shop towels.Polish it with lemon oil to enhance the gloss and reject the water, which will prevent the hardware from losing its gloss again.
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