hanging crystal chandelier Specifications for Hanging a Large Crystal Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-22
hanging crystal chandelier Specifications for Hanging a Large Crystal Chandelier
A large crystal chandelier has a strong visual impact in any room.However, choosing the wrong chandelier will make the room appear unbalanced.The oversized chandelier can flood the space, and the small chandelier looks cheap and cheesy.When hanging a large crystal chandelier, consider the overall impression it gives.When hanging a large crystal chandelier on the table, consider the comfort of your diners.No matter how impressive the chandelier is, no one wants to hit his head, no one wants to see his companion.Beryn Hammil of Beryn Hammil design recommends hanging chandeliers with multiple pieces of work visible around 28 to 32 inch above.Hang the styles of those bowls a little higher.The decor studio notes that if you hang a chandelier in a room without a central table, the bottom should be at least 7 feet from the floor.Install chandelier 7 if your ceiling is very high.The 5 feet or more distance from the ground provides a better balance.Higher ceilings also support higher chandeliers.The decoration studio is recommended to allow 2.Ceiling height chandelier height is 5 to 3 inch per foot.The decor studio suggests that your chandelier should be half the width of the table it hangs on.If you have two chandeliers hanging on a long table, please narrow them down to about one --The third of the width of the table, the chandelier above both ends of the table is centered.This avoids creating a heavy, cluttered look.If there is no central table, use the room size to determine the diameter of the chandelier.Add the length and width of the room in feet and select an inch wide chandelier.For example, for 10-by 12-There are 22 in the foot room, plus 10 and 12.Choose a chandelier with a diameter of 22 inch.Not all rooms are equal and some chandeliers look more spectacular than others.To ensure that a large crystal chandelier does not drown out the space of your choice, make a cardboard cut-out of the size you have in mind.Hang it on a rope in the ceiling, right where you think for the crystal chandelier.In your daily life, stay with the cut out for a few days and pay attention to any changes you would like to make to the size or location.This Old House website points out that large crystal chandeliers are usually too heavy for a standard electric box.Replace the existing electric box with system or heavy dutyRated duty bracket for ceiling fans up to 150 pounds.If the weight of your chandelier exceeds this weight, consider hiring a professional to install additional support units.
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