hanging bathroom light fixtures Bathroom Lighting Installation Height

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
hanging bathroom light fixtures Bathroom Lighting Installation Height
The placement of bathroom lamps improves safety and ensures the function of the room.The light is not good and the makeup, shaving and other beauty tasks are hard to complete.There are some general guidelines when installing bathroom lights, but be sure to check local regulations and building codes to ensure compliance.Lamps can usually be installed above the shower or bathtub, regardless of the height of the ceiling, as long as the lamps are recessed and covered with a waterproof globe.Other fixture types, including hanging lights, require a 96 inch vertical gap between the lamp and the edge of the bathtub.This 96 inch vertical gap should also extend 36 inch from the edge of the tub so that the hanging lights cannot be extended from the inside of the tub.The light installed above the vanity should be 80 inch from the floor.Wall lights installed on both sides of the mirror or vanity as mission lighting must be spaced between 36 and 40 inch to avoid shadows.In general, sconce should be 66 inch above the floor, but you can adjust it as needed to make sure the top of sconce is high enough to prevent the light from shining directly into your eyes
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