hampton bay lighting Tassal's Okehampton Bay farm gets federal seal of approval

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-16
Tasmanian aquaculture giant Tassal has officially given the green light to its proposed fish farm in Okehampton Bay.According to the national standards for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, the company's proposal was tested.Wednesday, the result is-They are obviously positive.
Barbara McGregor, senior business manager at tasar, said the decision allowed the company to "create" its vision.MS McGregor said tasar was "greatly supported" by the Triabunna community ".McGregor MS that EPBC's approval was a "milestone" for Triabunna, noting that Triabunna lacked stable employment opportunities in recent years.
It is speculated that the Okehampton Bay site will be the first in the countryxa0"EcologyAquaculture base;A concept described by tasarxa0Asxa0More than oneSpecies Farmxa0Environmental benefits.Craig SandersonManager of seaweed companyxa0Kay-He said he would plant seaweed in Oakhampton Bay.He said let tasar go.In turn, expanding to the site will allow his company to expand its "scope" over the long term"term.
"The sky is the limit," Dr.
Sanderson said .
Sean Riley, general manager of Aquenal, a team of marine and environmental scientists, said the EPBC process is a "rigorous" process.Jeremy Rockcliffe, Minister of Primary Industry, said the announcement was "good news" for the aquaculture industry and the work of Tasman people "."This is the highest environmental sign on the land," he said .
Rockliff said the state government will soon release a draft sustainable salmon industry growth plan that will outline the future vision of the industry.Meanwhile, Laura Kelly, director of strategy for Environment Tasmania state, expressed concern that the decision would lead to the "industrialisation" of endangered whalesLitter habitat"Anyone who wants their children to grow up in a world with whales should be frustrated with the decision," MS Kelly said .".Ross Harcourt, a Macquarie University professor and south right whale expert, said Oakhampton Bay is the "ideal litter habitat" for whales, she said ".
However, McGregor MS stressed that Oakhampton Bay is not a breeding ground for whales.Green Party Marine Environment spokeswoman Rosalie Woodruff said the expansion of tasar to Okehampton Bay will "have a lasting impact on the marine environment, no matter how tasar or the government spins it"
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