gold dining room light How to Decorate a Burgundy and Gold Room

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
gold dining room light How to Decorate a Burgundy and Gold Room
Gold and Burgundy are elegant and rich color combinations.When designing a formal living room or dining room, these colors work beautifully together.Gold and Burgundy are also great for the luxurious master bedroom.This warm color scheme accepts accent colors in shades of green, brown, wheat and cream.The wine is as deep as gold, pursuing luxury when choosing furniture and accessories.Bathing the warm room in deep goldYellow paint color on the wall.Yellow and gold tones are perfect for artificial painting techniques like wash or glaze, which adds texture and size to the room.Make it a step further by adding Crown styling to the top of each wall and around the doorway or arch.Consider adding bay lighting with Crown styling as it provides beautiful focused lighting, especially effective for colors on walls.Traditional thinkingStyle wood furniture made of mahogany, mahogany or cherry.Burgundy leather makes an elegant covering for sofas, sofas and chairs, as does plush microfibers.A large, four-Rear wood or forgedIn a master bedroom, the iron bed looks lovely with a pure burgundy canopy.If you have electronics in your room, like a TV or a computer, hide them in the traditionalStyle wooden wardrobe when not in use.High paint in Asia-In the gold and burgundy red rooms, the stylish furniture looks amazing.The correct lighting is essential to enhance the color of the gold and burgundy red rooms.Pay attention to the type of bulb used in lamps and fixtures.Make sure to use a warm incandescent lamp or a warm fluorescent bulb.Embedded Lighting can be used for general lighting.Install the dimmer switch to control the amount of light required.The wall sconces adds a warm glow to the golden wall and shows the color layer on the glazed wall.Tiffany table or floor lamp with Amber, yellow or cranberry-Colorful glass will be a wonderful accent.Hang an elegant forgingIron chandelier in dining room or master bedroom.Dress up the window with extraHanging long burgundy curtains from forged-The Iron Curtain or wooden curtain rod extends all the way to the floor.If you decide to tie the curtains back during the day, please use the gold sticker.Fix the furniture with a large or oversized Oriental carpet that absorbs the color of the curtains and some other decorations in the room.The shiny metal fabric on the pillow adds a nice touch.Other accessories include high brass or wooden candle holders;A large, oversized vase or urn with a dry arrangement;Large indoor plants for greening;A group of brass or ceramic vases;A large, gorgeous combination of mirrors or mirrors;Or an elegant tapestry.Just remember not to decorate the room too much.
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