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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-27

Your pink wall looks like the pink wall of Raj's last few daysand-Green taffeta tattersall curtains. you like chili peppers and the visual warmth is very good.The off-The white walls in the house you rent are whiter than toast without butter and you can only change the curtains.The walls of the nursery are purple.-Will you risk hurting baby's eyes with orange and white striped curtains?There is a close relationship between the curtain and the color of the wall, and this mutual dependence will make your decoration better.Match the curtains to the walls so your small room looks more spacious, but add a piece or a color to the curtains to prevent the space from becoming dull.Toast Wall and toast tower curtains with white decoration may be in a coma-inducing --But when the curtain is crossed through the lower half with the mallard taffeta broadband, it won't.The vibrato of the color allows you to cover the sofa in mallard velvet, or add abstract carpets to mallard and toast.One or two daffodils of silk pillows make the room from low profile to high profile.A shared room with peach walls and curtains is lively enough to make up the room when the curtains are flat with purple pieces.As part of the design, you can add a purple shag bed carpet, a purple vanity and a patchwork quilt bedding with peaches and plum blocks.Curtain brush, tilt, float, float, rest against the wall-Parallel is inevitable.If the fabric and paint are to be fused to a seamless level, assign the curtains the same shades as the walls, but to dim some shades.Thick cream-colored walls, with a hint of yellow, are a rich foil for corn curtains.Palest pepper-The green walls work with silk watered by ferns or moss.Mix with walls and curtains to pick the color from the carpet.The sky blue, ivory and vermilion of the East pull the pale blue walls with vermilionsapphire-and-Curtains with ivory patternsIn sunny rooms, neutral shades of curtains are better than bright shades.Any fading of the material will not be shown, and no eye-catching color will draw attention to the bright walls, or be mixed with champagne wallpaper or wheat --Color Matte paint.Try oyster-White lined faux silk curtains with slightly smooth oyster trim and oyster-Clean and elegant white walls.If this is a formal room, the curtains on the floor can add drama.Snow cover floating through windows in pure white --Rooms with walls and block lights, embedded in white shadows, disappear from sight during the day.Tin cloth curtains on pigeonsThe gray room was both dramatic and low-key.Toss Royal decadent on purple velvet sofas and chartreuse splendid chairs.You can use the charcoal pen and vanilla stripe splendid chair on the gray linen sofa, so you can find more buttons on the chair.Well-lit rooms change color as the curtains change.When the sun shines through the unlined fabric, the bright colors color the lighter walls of the room.When the light is reflected from the shiny bright curtain color to the wall, a similar effect is also produced.Vanilla, apricot blush or white walls in the ceiling restaurant-to-The floor scarlet red and gold striped taffeta curtains reflect a warm glow that enhances the warmth of polished wooden furniture.Light through roses-Color curtains color the pale walls, a healthy pink color.Sunlight filtered through blue curtains can cause light blue, white or clouds-The gray room is mysterious or depressing.Before choosing fabric and wall color, test the curtain fabric of all light conditions in the room as much as possible.
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