glass chandeliers for dining room How to Update a Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
glass chandeliers for dining room How to Update a Chandelier
The chandelier is not just an investment in decorative accessories or real estate, it is also the focus of welcoming visitors to your restaurant or entrance.If you like the general structure of the chandelier, but it looks like it survived in 1970 seconds and barely entered 80 seconds, you can modernize the fixture and create one in your living spaceThe revitalization of the old chandelier requires an updated paint color and design renovation.Remove the outdated prism from the chandelier.Use the wire cutting machine to cut the wire strands that fix the prism in the appropriate position.Discard the Prism if it is weathered, dim, broken or plastic.If the prism is shiny, translucent or valuable, save them in another home project.Unscrew and remove the bulb from the fixture.Place the plastic cloth on the flat surface of the outdoor and place the chandelier on the plastic.Choose the paint that is coordinated with your room decor.Modern paint colors include brushed metal, chocolate brown, turquoise, tan marble and aluminum.Avoid neon bright colors and brassColor painting;These shades look old.It is difficult to blend with other furniture.If you don't want to draw chains or hardware, cover those areas first before painting.In general, the chandelier will look more modern if all of these features are repainted.Standing about 2 feet from the chandelier, apply a thin layer of paint.Allow 10 minutes to dry and apply a light coat.Check the chandelier to make sure there are no spots or areas that are not covered.Repeat until the chandelier is fully covered.Wait an hour and lean the chandelier aside.Use the same 10-paint the underside of the fixtureDo it every minute.Let the chandelier completely dry.Replace the bulb with a modern soft bulbBulb, incandescent lampWhite light bulb or candle.Add a glass ball around the candle holder and if you want to spread the light and project it up to the ceiling, it is high enough to hide the bulb.If your chandelier goes downFacing the arm and the fixtures, the milky white or decorative glass balls are installed for modern effects.
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