glass chandeliers for dining room How to Choose a Chandelier for a Cathedral Ceiling Dining Area

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
glass chandeliers for dining room How to Choose a Chandelier for a Cathedral Ceiling Dining Area
The beauty and space provided by the cathedral ceiling can make the chandelier a prominent or flush place.In families with standard ceilings, the ideal location of the chandelier is between 30 and 34 inch above the table.But in the dining area of the cathedral ceiling, putting the chandelier at that height will make the whole area look too crowded.In addition to its height, the chandelier needs to be installed proportionally in the space while providing the required lighting environment.The chandelier of your choice must have aesthetic appeal, do not coordinate with other lighting elements in the room, and also fit your decor.Although in the mountain cabin with the cathedral ceiling, the antlers chandelier looks like it is at home, it is in the SuperModern and Modern residence.For example, in a dining area with round glass and chrome tables and chairs, select a long tubular chandelier, repeat the circle of the table with Chrome, and have a long crystal or glass bead shower around the lighting element, tie the restaurant together.The vertical chandelier sets the tone for the dining room with high ceilings.Since you have too much space to play with, you can choose a chandelier a little longer than the room with the standard ceiling, as long as you keep the chandelier about 12 inch narrower than the total width of the table.Measure the height of the ceiling above the chandelier.For every 9 feet height on a standard 8 or 1 feet ceiling, add 3 inch to the height of the chandelier to get the appropriate proportion.Let the design elements of the chandelier echo the decoration statement in the room.If you have a long black table with eight black dining chairs decorated in yellowWindow green seats and burgundy curtainsThe iron chandelier picked up black from the table.Yellow-gold candle-Just as the lights repeat the yellow of the interior decoration, tie the room together.Again, a crystal teardrops chandelier plays color in formal blackand-White restaurant.For a long and wide table in a restaurant with high ceilings, select more than one chandelier above the table.However, please pay attention to other lighting options when you want to avoid typical crystal chandeliers.In a simple or modern spaceThe string chandelier is lined up on the table, and when injected with the accent color pulled out of the room, a bold statement is issued.Divide a 9-A table of three feet or more.3-a set of lights in the centerThere are foot marks at each end of the table, or groups are set at the middle third of the table to maintain balance.You can also choose a long chandelier, which is the same size as the length of the table, but is strung up by long decorative lines.
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