flush mount ceiling light fixtures how to remove a flush-mount ceiling fan | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-10

Ceiling fans are common accessories for many families.While many homeowners think these fans are attractive and useful, you may want to change the light fixtures.It's usually not too difficult to remove ceiling fans.Flush-There is no lower bar to install ceiling fans;They sat right next to the ceiling.This may require you to get a higher ladder to reach the final mounting bracket for the ceiling fan.If the ceiling fan is properly removed, you can install the fan in another room or you can sell it if the fan is still intact.Power off the fan.Turn off the breaker in your home breaker box to make sure the fan does not have a power supply.Unscrew the bulb and loosen the screw that holds the ball in place.Take these out carefully and put them out.Remove the screws of the fixture using a screwdriver.Pull down the fixture and reveal the wire.Remove the fixture from the ceiling fan.Remove the fan blade by loosening and removing the screws.Keep the screws in a small bag.Pull down the ring near the ceiling.Expose the screws of all fixed ceiling mounting covers in place.Remove the screws to lower the lid and expose the ceiling fan wires.Lift up on the ceiling fan motor and let it hang on the angle attachment.Disconnect the wire by loosening the wire nut and pulling the wire open.Lift on the motor and remove from the angle attachment.Loosen and remove flush using a screwdriver-Mounting bracket from light box.This should be the last part of the ceiling fan removal process.
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