flush mount ceiling light fixtures how to remove |

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-10

Flush-Installation of ceiling fixtures does not highlight the bottom of the ceiling surface, thus providing a neat look.Many flush-Installation ceiling fixtures are made up of covers on the lamp to reduce the brightness of the light and provide the finished look.The lid must be removed to replace the bulb or clean the interior of the fixture.The task was completed in less than a minute with minimal effort.Set up a ladder under flush-Install the ceiling fixture in a position that does not require your contact in order to work on the fixture.Hold yourself on the ladder under the fixing device;Make sure your two feet are firmly placed on the same ladder steps.Place your fingertips firmly on the surface of the lid.Expand your fingers and let them occupy different positions around the lid.Rotate the lid counter-clockwise and remove it from the locking mechanism.Put the lid down in your hand.
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