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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-28
In today's time, people who care about environmental welfare take advantage of all the energy-saving technologies and methods available in the market.Some of these technologies are easy to implement, such as LEDbulbs, CFLs, flipfit, etc, while some are difficult to implement, such as solar panels and energy-efficient homes.Ultimately, however, the main need is energy conservation, which has never been achieved as expected.This is because people don't know if their energy-saving technology solves its purpose.There are ways users can use to ensure that any energy-saving technology they use can deliver the desired results.
The primary and most important way to ensure energy saving is to understand the local heating and cooling ratios.A properly insulated house requires 1 out of 3 heat to stay warm and will be more expensive to build.As a result, some additional investment can be invested in thermal insulation, ventilation and efficient glazing.Similarly, with the right ventilation system, the high power consumption of the air conditioner can be minimized in the hot areas of the house.Regarding the energy-saving bulbs used in the house, when they are installed in this place, their best use is that the place is darker compared to other areas of the house.Areas that get enough sunlight from windows do not need them.In addition, replacing most of the appliances in the home with efficient and energy-efficient appliances can reduce the power consumption to 1300 k Watt/y.
In addition to properly placing energy-saving bulbs such as LED and compact fluorescent bulbs and using energy-saving appliances, some new energy-saving technologies can be adopted.These measures include reducing the electricity consumption of electric geezers by replacing electrical geezers with gas generators.Other methods include careful use of electrical appliances, such as not putting TV, laptop and personal computer in standby mode, turning off lights and fans before leaving the room, complete the requirements of iron, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and other electrical appliances.This means using it once a week instead of once a day.In addition, avoiding the use of electrical appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines by manual means is also an ecologyFriendly and efficient choice to save electricity.
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