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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-28
In our world, energy is the biggest commodity that has become increasingly scarce due to excessive use.Scientists are constantly trying to find new ways to save energy while making it easier to live on this planet.Energy-saving lamps are well known for soaking in such great products that make it easier to save energy and money and provide a wealth of experience.These energy-saving bulbs are ideal for home lighting.What is an energy-saving bulb?Energy-saving bulbs are bulbs that consume less energy than conventional incandescent lamps.The most popular energy-saving bulbs on the market are called compact fluorescent bulbs.The difference between traditional bulbs and CFL!Only when the filament present in the bulb is hot, the incandescent light will shine.It heats up when the current passes through it.On the other hand, the CFL is filled with phosphorus coated tubes full of gas.When the current passes through the gas in the pipe, it produces ultraviolet rays, thus stimulating the phosphorus coating and emitting light.The energy consumption of CFLsCFL is large energy-saving bulbs because they are energy-efficient in two ways;One is that they consume less energy to charge gas particles, and the other is that they convert more electricity into light.In addition, they convert more light (lumens) per watt compared to incandescent lamps.According to the calculation, CFLs reduced the overall energy usage by about 60%-70%.In addition to energy efficiency, these bulbs are more durable than the old ones.These bulbs can last about 6000 to 15000 working hours, while traditional bulbs can last between 750 and 1,000 hours.It is observed that the energy-saving bulb only pays the cost during its service life.Although the cost of CFLs is 3 to 10 times more expensive than traditional bulbs, they have a longer life and consume less energy.If you replace an incandescent lamp with an energy-efficient bulb for home lighting, you may save up to 12% of your electricity bill.Using energy-saving bulbs is the easiest way to save energy.They save energy and money, but produce the same amount of light as conventional bulbs.With energy-saving bulbs, you are also dealing with climate change.Traditional bulbs waste a lot of energy by generating heat rather than light.Because when the gas filled in the bulb is charged, the CFL glows and it's cool to touch.There are all kinds of light bulbs on the market;Halogen color, soft tone and dimmable bulb.Initially, these bulbs were in large sizes and old shapes, which was not meant by home lighting.While there are concerns that Mercury is present in these bulbs, the fact is that Mercury is very small.Also, no damage will be caused unless the bulb is broken.When they are inactive, these bulbs should be handled with care as suggested on the label.
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