fluorescent light How to Wire a Hanging Fluorescent Lamp in a Garage

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
fluorescent light How to Wire a Hanging Fluorescent Lamp in a Garage
After hanging a fluorescent lamp in the garage, the wiring is next.Typically, you hang the lamp in the area where you install the existing lamp and use the existing switch circuit to power the lamp.Alternatively, the electrician installs the ceiling box and pulls the wire to the switch.Whether you're wiringFluorescent lights or lamps with multiple lights, certain colored wires in the fixture are connected to the black and white wires of the circuit.The fluorescent lamps attached to the suspension require some electrical supplies, some hand tools and the ability to work on the ladder.Turn off the circuit breaker of the electric light circuit.If the circuit breaker is not labeled or cannot be identified, please identify and close the circuit breaker by the electrician.Work from the ladder to enter the electric box.Use an electrical tester to test between the bare ends of the black and white wires in the box to make sure the circuit is off.Peel off 4 inch of external insulation at one end of gauge 14, 2-Line romex using tool knife.To do this, put the wires flat and make a 4-Inch wire cuts along the center of one end and then folds the external insulation.Cut off the excess and expose the black and white wires."With pares route aircraft stripping black and white wire end 1 inch of insulation material.Insert the end of the wire into 1/2-Inch romex connector.Pull them out until the external insulation is securely installed inside the connector.Squeeze the inner end of the connector together by hand.Feed the inner end of the wire end and connector into 1/2-Inch ports on plastic panels.Card the connector into the board.Use the wire nut to connect the bare end of the white and black romex wires to the corresponding white and black wires in the bow.To do this, keep the bare ends of the color-like wires together with each other.Make sure the end is uniform and then screw on the nut with your hand.Fix each connection with a few packs of electrical tape of the wire inserted into the nut and surround the bottom of the nut.Lay the electric plate flat on the surface of the electric box and align the screw hole with the threaded hole on the outer edge of the electric box.Use a screwdriver to drive a supplied screw at each accessory to secure the plate on the box.Remove the fluorescent lamp from the lamp.Depending on the fixture, rotate the light so that the contact sheet at each end slides out of the slot at the bottom of each end of the bracket.Alternatively, push the light onto the internal spring and drop it off the bracket.Rotate and remove the wing nut that holds the cover plate to the wire and ballast in the fixture.Put the plate down with your hands to take it out.Put the cover plate aside.Remove one of the taps-Use a screwdriver and pliers to extend the plug on the upper side of the fixture.To do this, lean the tip of the screwdriver against the outer edge of the nasal plug and tap the handle with one hand to loosen the edge of the nasal plug.Clamp loose edges with pliers.Twist it and remove the slug worm from the nose.Place the romex parts installed on the electric box vertically next to the light fixture.Use the wire cutter to cut off any excess parts below the lower edge of the fixture.As before, place the end of the romex plane on the upper side of the fixture and peel off the external insulation of 4 inch at the end.As before, peel off the 1 inch black and white insulation on these wires.Install a 1/2-As before, connect the inch romex connector to the end of the source line.Squeeze the inside end of the connector and feed the wire by removing the port on the fixture of the plug.Fix the connector on the fixture.Remove the supplied wire nut from the black and white wire on the fixture.Use the wire nut to connect the bare end of the black and white romex wire to the corresponding black and white fixed wire.As before, wrap each connection with tape.Push the two wires to the upper and inner surface of the lamp.Install the cover plate on the fixture and fix it in place with the rotary wing nut.Re-Install the saved fluorescent lamp in the fixture.
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