fluorescent light How to Remove a Fluorescent Ceiling Light Fixture

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
fluorescent light How to Remove a Fluorescent Ceiling Light Fixture
Installing a new, more effective form of lighting to replace the old outdated fluorescent ceiling light fixture will reduce the cost of your home lighting and update the look of your home.Unlike today's fixtures, fluorescent lamps are specifically bulky and bulky, and it looks difficult to disassemble, however, using the correct removal method will ensure that the old fixtures are safely removed without damaging the ceiling material.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to fluorescent lamps.Do not rely on the light switch to cut off the power supply in the area.Set a ladder under the light.Push up, tilt and drop down the flat acrylic panel cover or drop down on the package-Style around the fluorescent cover.Put the lid aside.Confirm power off with contactless circuit tester.Twist each fluorescent bulb in half a circle.Remove the bulb and remove it from the fixture.Put the bulb in a safe place and keep the bulb stable.Turn the exposed screw of the cover of the hidden wire and ballast counter-clockwise with a cross screwdriver or nut driver.Remove the lid and expose the mounting screws of the fixture to the ceiling.Put the lid aside.Loosen the wire nut that connects the fixed wire to the Housing Wire by turning counter-clockwise.Pull the wire open.Screw to turn the clip--Fix the wire in the fixture--Loosen the clip counter-clockwise.Pass the wire through the clip.Rotate a wire nut clockwise to the end of each house's wire.Wrap the tape around the wire nut and wrap it around each wire to make sure the nut is not loose and slide off the wire.Remove the fixture mounting screws with a nut drive or a cross screwdriver.The type of screw head will vary depending on the mounting screws used when installing the lamp.When releasing the light, make sure to hold the fixture firmly.Put down the fixture and put it aside.
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