fluorescent light How to Cover Ugly Fluorescent Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
fluorescent light How to Cover Ugly Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent lighting is a common high-efficiency light source in homes and businesses.In fact, an 18-The amount of light produced by watt fluorescent bulbs and standard 60-Incandescent lamps in Watt.But all of this efficiency sometimes comes at a cost: ugly fixtures.Hide those ugly fluorescent devices and create a visually pleasing space instead of sacrificing beauty for efficiency.The most common way to cover fluorescent lighting is soffit, which is a ledge that acts as a falling part of the ceiling and creates a hidden slot for lighting.This is usually mixed with walls or ceilings and can be built around your existing lighting.Soffits are usually built around the edge of the room to highlight the boundaries of the ceiling, but they can also float in the center of the room or be used to define the space within the room.Soffit is usually made of dry walls and wooden frames, but they can also be temporary solutions made of plastic or light wood, as well as metal frames screwed into the ceiling.Sometimes the best option to hide fluorescent lamps is to simply place a lid on it.The suspension diffuser is a translucent material that is suspended from the chain under the fixture, allowing the light to filter, but hiding the bulb in the fixture or in the fixture itself as a whole.The suspended diffuser hangs below the lamp and is attached to the ceiling, just like the large lampshade of the ceiling lamp.Another option is to use a reflector.The reflector works like a suspended diffuser because they hang under the lamps and connect to the ceiling, but instead of filtering the light, they reflect the light back to the ceiling to produce a soft light.You can buy a diffuser or reflector, or hang a solid piece of metal, wood on fire to create your own-Flame retardant surface, glass and even flame-Flame retardant fabric from the chain attached to the ceiling in the frame.The light box is made of translucent material, allowing the light to be filtered out in multiple directions.Fluorescent light boxes are a familiar sight in the kitchen built in the 1980 s, but modern light boxes do not have to look outdated or do not fit the current design.Modern light boxes can be made of lightweight, stylish materials with a wide variety of shapes and colors.The boxes are hidden with fluorescent devices that allow you to see the latest look in any room.For more temporary solutions, rice paper can be made into a cover for any fluorescent lamp, essentially as a lampshade.Attach the Xuan paper to a frame made of wood or wires to cover the fixtures.This can be connected to the ceiling, walls, and even fixtures themselves, depending on your needs.The rice paper shadow gives you more flexibility than the diffuser, as it can be used on wall lights and desk lamps and can be molded to hide light from any direction, although the diffuser only hides light from below.
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