fluorescent light Do Orchids Do Well at the Office?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
fluorescent light Do Orchids Do Well at the Office?
According to the Sacramento Orchid Association, orchids are now the most popular indoor plant in the United States.Tenacious orchids usually grow best in the United States.S.Although 9, the plant resistance Zone 6 of the Ministry of Agriculture also often grows in various indoor environments.Attached orchid flowers have above-Grow on branches, bark, or rocks in the wild.Land orchids grow on Earth in the wild, and their roots extend deep into the soil they plant.Both of these orchids are indoor plants, although it is often easier for the plant to grow successfully indoors.The butterfly orchid belongs to the orchid flower.And the family.It is the easiest to grow indoors.You may be surprised to find that orchids thrive in an office environment, especially because orchids have a reputation that they should not have because of their difficulties.One of the main differences between growing orchids at home and growing orchids in the office is sun exposure.Some offices have no windows, or only small ones.Your office may have windows so that it is not feasible to put orchids next to the windows for exposure.If you have a chance to go southFacing the windows, however, orchids thrive in the light.Even if the window is not SouthIn the face, the Daily Local sunlight can benefit orchids and make them blossom in the home environment.Offices with only artificial light are often not ideal for orchids to thrive.However, orchids will certainly survive in artificial light.Some types of artificial lighting, such as full-spectrum bulbs, produce white light that is very similar to the spectrum of natural sunlight.According to the American Orchid Society article "fluorescent gardening", this lighting may allow you to plant orchids successfully."Orchids generally prefer a humid and warm climate, which is not usually part of the office environment.If your office is cold and dry, orchids may not be able to thrive there.Close to the wall heater or space heater, keeping a cup or bowl full of water may help orchids to inject warmth on a regular basis, and what they need most is wet air.For orchids, proper air flow is as important as other environmental factors, but it may be easier to operate.If there is no fan to move the air and there is no dedicated air circulation system, the office can create a bad growth environment for orchids.However, simply placing orchids near a small fan can provide the regular cycle needed to encourage orchid growth.
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