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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-25
The Arco floor lamp was originally designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1962.These floor lamps are a little different from ordinary floor lamps.Known for its beautiful design, the Arco floor lamp includes a rectangular marble base and an arch made of stainless steel.Although this arch is made of stainless steel, its design is very beautiful and very light.This arco floor lamp also includes an aluminum diffuser.When we think of any light source, it is very necessary that this light is not only durable, but also brings an elegant look to others.Another point we have to consider is power consumption.The Arco floor lamp is so beautifully designed that it brings elegance and luxury to others.These arco floor lamps have many features, because people like them, so these features are as follows: the original Cala marble base: The original Cala marble is famous for its beauty and strength.In the arco floor lamp, we use the original carara marble to design its base.This base is rectangular and the marble used is very beautiful.These beautiful bases of Arco floor lamps add the beauty of the lamp • sturdy and bright Hood arches: an attractive arch is designed in arco floor lamps.The arch is made of stainless steel, and its strength is very good.Even made of steel, this arch does not weigh heavily.The design of this arch can maintain a proper balance with the marble base.The arch is very light, with one end attached to the marble base. Measurement: The design of the Arco floor lamp has such measurement results, they bring beautiful and elegant appearance to others.The height of the Arco floor lamp is usually 98.The maximum is 5 inch while its shadow diameter is 11.5.Its marble base is also designed with a standard size and a height of 21.5 inch, width 9.5 inches.Although these lamps were originally expensive, we produced the same arco floor lamps, which are close to the original ones, and we sold them at a very cheap price compared to the original arco floor lamps in retail.Orginal arco floor lamps cost more than $2499, but here we only sell them for $499.We help you to buy beautiful arco floor lamps at a very cheap price and also help you save a huge amount of about $2000.Arco floor lamps can also be shipped at your home or office for free.We do not charge any shipping charges.Our facilities can also help you save $200 in shipping.Arco floor lamp is the choice for everyone who wants to use elegant, beautiful and cheap lights in their budget.
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