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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-03
This is an idea to maximize your bedroom.Your bedroom is a personalized space in your home and should be the best.For all of you who live in a small bedroom but still make the most of it, there's a big shout out here.This is for all of you!Whether you live in a small apartment in a big city, or in a small town that looks retro, or in a small studio apartment, while decorating your home, space should never limit your imagination, which makes you feel warm and comfortable.
After a long day of work, the place where you go home should make you feel comfortable.Don't worry if you need to redecorate your bedroom but don't have enough space, because there are very simple and effective ideas that can help you to have your dream bedroom without crowded space.A small bedroom is usually comfortable and is easier to decorate only when you are open to it, unlike most popular beliefs.
Turn your small room into a beautiful paradise.1.By doing so, not only does the room look cleaner, but also gives you more speed to work.You might even sneak into the study table or dresser you 've always wanted.
So in order to maximize the size of your bedroom, move your bed to the corner and lean against the wall.This will also make the space more comfortable.If you are afraid to hit the wall in the middle of the night, don't worry, just put a few pillows on the wall so you can have a soft landing.
Any color in the white or white family or light color palette is always a good choice for a number of reasons:It makes the room look more spacious and feels lighter as it reflects the sun so makes the room feel more positive and it is very versatile, because the white walls will compliment any kind of decoration style in your mind.If you're afraid to go out with white, go and buy light yellow, gray or some texture on the wall.3.Make your bedroom feel more like a part of you and peel it off to your favorite bare essentials.
A small room is packed with things that can suffocate and claustrophobic.So just choose the things that are absolutely necessary for you and throw the rest away.It will also help you indirectly.Mess up your room.An organized room will help you to be better off than casual overthinking and performanceThe room was full of people.
Make minimalism a way of life, and make it a miracle.4.Mirror on the wall!...Your room is definitely the most beautiful.One of the most ingenious tricks in the book to make small spaces look wider is to place mirrors on the wall.
The mirror will give you the illusion of a larger room that will help expand your small room.If placed opposite the window, it will reflect natural light and illuminate the whole room.Therefore, it is better to use a large wide mirror with a thinner frame.
When you know you have a small room, it's always a good idea to invest in a bed and have storage under it.This ensures that things that are not currently in use can be safely stored under the bed, such-Extra towels, blankets, Christmas decorations, etc.There is storage space under one bed, which will bring you a lot of benefits.
If your ground space is small but the ceiling is high, please store your items vertically.Eg.Buy a shelf that lets your book stack up more vertically and doesn't take up too much wall or floor space horizontally.7.These things are very useful in your small bedroom.
Just because your room is small doesn't mean it has to be dull, right?So, add a little quirk and color with the wallpaper of your choice.Of course, you don't have to cover the whole bedroom with wallpaper, but a wall is fine.9.Compared to floor lamps and lighting settings that require the floor as the base, the space occupied by wall and ceiling lighting is small.
This lighting will eliminate the need for the bedside table and provide the floor free of charge for other purposes.10.If you live in a cozy little studio, then buy a sofa bed that will serve as the actual bed for you to sleep at night.This sofa bed will act as a sofa during the day and will give you more space when the sun comes out and walks around.
These simple tips will definitely make you fall in love with the little space you have.Use what you have in a way that you will like!Celebrate your little space with these ideas!
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