drum chandelier Interior designer sees Atherton estate as springboard to success

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
drum chandelier Interior designer sees Atherton estate as springboard to success
Temperature-The control wine room can store about 5,000 bottles on mahogany shelves.Temperature-The control wine room can store about 5,000 bottles on mahogany shelves.Some accidental timing, coupled with an encyclopedic understanding of Italian architecture, has forever changed Sarah Boyden's career path.Now, Boyden is the head of an interior design company named after her, and she attributes her experience on Atherton 1 faksson road to her springboard."There is no doubt that this project has started my career on the peninsula," Boyden, director of interior design at the Menlo Circus Club, said.She played an integral role in making properties defined by hard wood finishes, antique fireplaces, plaster walls and arched entrances.Boyden relies on Palladio's French goalkeeper to connect the public room to a spacious courtyard that provides solar energy.Heated pool, fire pit, golf course and spacious terrace with outdoor kitchen.With the plan in 2003, Boyden entered the field relatively early.The owner had just returned from a trip to Italy and was fascinated by the Venetian design.The two met at an event and soon the designer shared her overseas travel story and similar appreciation of Italian architecture."I understand the direction she wants to go in terms of materials and fabrics," Boyden said ."."We speak the same language.Boyden immediately reflected on the work of the world.Inspired by famous designer John Saladino.Saradino's style developed from his time in Italy, centered on simple lines and classical design elements.Boyden spent countless hours tracking specific finishes and designs for nearly 13,000 peoplesquare-Apartment 1 on foot.7-acre landscape.Southern California has become a half.Boyden often goes to the kitchen and the cellar floor to find recycled stones, as well as the decoration of the living room and family room.The size of the House presents a unique challenge.Fortunately, Boyden's understanding and appreciation of Italian architecture means she knew what she was doing from the very beginning."It is very common for houses and buildings of Italian classical design to have such large-scale buildings," she said .".Everything in moderation extends to the field of design.Boden knows that every choice has to be very careful.With such a large volume of houses, it is easy to change from solemn to cold and impersonal depending on the finish.Mahogany-Frame windows and entitiesThe core door complements the plaster wall on the main level.These elements are combined to form a warm contrast to the stone and tile accents found in the five centuriesbedroom.Mix formal space and leisure living areas throughout the interior, balancing the overall design."This is obviously a home that houses parties and big celebrations," she said ."."But there is still a private space for one day --to-day life.” A mahogany-The paneled library with drum chandeliers, oak floors and granite bars provides space for quiet meditation or cocktail conversations.From multiple sides of the living room, open six Palladio French doors to the green ground.Natural light flooding into a floor-based room-to-Ceiling cloak from Normandy castle.Right next to a foyer with honed limestone floors, there's a banquet-Formal dining room with two crystal chandeliers, plaster walls, wall panels and extensive wood products.The three French-style goalkeeper restaurants are connected to the back terrace near the golf driving range.The fully loaded kitchen exudes the beauty of the Mediterranean.The mosaic tile tailgate and rustic stone floor create a warm and warm atmosphere with Tuscan charm.The center island provides a dining area on a smooth marble counter, and the adjacent leisure dining area further consolidates the status of the kitchen as a home entertainment center.Construction of kitchen-At the desk, it is easy to be a homework area for the child and let the parents supervise them while preparing dinner.Italian stones are also laid on the floor of the wine cellar, storing about 5,000 bottles of wine on the red wooden rack.A hardwood floor counter in the middle of the room transformed the wine cellar from a simple storage space to a secluded wine tasting room.Luxury homes of this size should provide luxurious master suites, and No 1 Farson Road will disappoint.The Calacatta marble fireplace on a well-designed mantel warms the carpeted bedroom.Pocket door seals the office/lounge area with custom cabinets with the rest of the suite.There are two custom wardrobes in the guest rooms, which provide plenty of storage space.The deluxe suite features a spa bathroom with heated marble floors, a Jacuzzi, and a steam shower with three shower heads.Visit www.1Faxon.More details.Details Address: No. 1 farksson Road, Atherton Price: $20.7 million features: Five-Bedroom Italian mansion with antique fireplace, paradia French door, mahogany window, banquet-Official Restaurant, Tuscany-size restaurantStyle kitchen and a master suite with two custom closets.The 1.7-The manor with acres of doors includes solar energy-Facilities such as outdoor kitchen, heated pool, fire pit, Green/debris area are available for guests.Home with mahogany-The paneled library with drum chandeliers and wine cellars has stored about 5,000 bottles on the red wood rack.Housing agent: Tom LeMieux (650) 465-Pacific Union real estate-7459, tom @ tomlexmieux.
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